Camera hand strap to adult women

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Luxury and gorgeous SLR camera hand strap ♥



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Camera hand strap to adult women


■ Canon / Nikon / Pentax / Sony / Panasonic · · · for single lens reflex cameras that can be used with men and women Luxury and gorgeous SLR camera hand strap ♥ Party style, even when dressing up with friends' wedding ceremonies I made it with a design for adult women to be fitted - ♥ ♥ (^ 0 _ 0 ^) Coordinate female design with favorite cameras (*^ _ ^*) Two stitched high-quality black leather full of luxury stitched, decorated with cotton pearl etc. ☆ Mi We make it solid so that you can use it with confidence. It is hard at the beginning of use, the taste comes out to leather more and more softly as you use it ♪ Like a camera, please use it for a long time and send it to a good camera life and fashionable (*^ _ ^*) Enna leather's "Individual not a personality ..." work formulated by full handmade (*^ _ ^*) Camera girls, female photographers, Why do not you spend your camera life with a fancy camera? Photo wearing camera: Canon EOS 6D "Color" Luxury black "size" Free size. unisex. Part of the leather excluding connecting parts About 15 × 5.5 cm Leather thickness about 3.0 mm Width of the belt for connection at the top approximately 1.0 cm The height of the bottom plate of about 1.3 cm ※ The height of the bottom plate will raise the camera. When purchasing ※ Please purchase after confirming that the width of the hole through which the customer's SLR camera strap passes is 1.0 cm or more. "Mounting method" Bottom part → Install screws by turning the screws for the tripod by hand. Top part → Pass the belt through the hole for the strap on the camera side, and attach it with a buckle. To make it easy for anyone to install it, it has a structure that is as simple as possible. "Material" Cowhide Cotton pearl (only one brown grass plaque pearl) feather Bottom part: Plastic Buckle: Brass Hardware color: Gold made in Japan ■ Sewing up two pieces of high-grade leather so as to be firmly supported even by a heavy camera. ■ Hand strap convenient for carrying / hand grip. ■ Three stage size adjustment, you can use both men and women. ■ It can be attached to a tripod while wearing the strap. ■ When charging the camera, you can remove the battery by loosening the screw on the bottom by hand and sliding it. ■ It is possible to install on most single lens reflex camera manufacturers. (If you are worried, please contact us, although it may take time, we will investigate.) ■ Initially leather is a bit stiff. The color changes more and more and it adapts to hands. Like the camera long favorite, please enjoy the texture of fine leather. ■ When a camera accident or damage occurs, we can not assume any responsibility. Please acknowledge it at your own risk. ※ Photos camera is not attached. ■ All products are made to order. I think whether there is thing to make customers wait. I will carefully manufacture it with all my heart. Please acknowledge it. ※ Because leather is a natural material, there are some scratches, wrinkles, color unevenness. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ※ The dimensions may have some errors. There are individual differences in expression of texture and hue ※. In addition, images and shades may differ slightly depending on shooting conditions and PC environment, but please understand beforehand. Production area / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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