Card case Cyrus Cyrus

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shizen no shirushi
shizen no shirushi
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Card case Cyrus Cyrus


■■ Birth opportunity ■■ Now that you can live with just a card, it was born to meet the demand for a compact card case that can hold multiple cards. When using it, it is easy to put it in and out by pressing both ends. ■■ For such scene coordination ■■ Great for ceremonial occasions, business scenes, etc. when you want to reduce the amount of luggage! How many cards do you usually have? ·Driver's license ·Cash card ·credit card ・ My number card ·Health insurance card ·Point Card With just this, you won't have any trouble going out. A compact card case that fits in your chest pocket can also be used as a wallet. ■■ Design commitment ■■ By not sewing to the end, it becomes three-dimensional when you insert the card. Achieves the storage of multiple cards in spite of being compact. Due to its simple and compact design, it has a moderately heavy and luxurious thickness so that it does not look cheap. ■■ Elegant and luxurious genuine leather ■■ Classic shine leather ... black, burgundy, Brown Domestic high-quality cowhide. Recommended for those who are looking for luxury and elegance. The leather is glossy and relatively resistant to scratches, water and dirt. It has elasticity and elasticity, and the more you use it, the more familiar it will become to your hands and the more you will become attached to it. You can use it for a long time while maintaining its elegance. Wax leather for a limited time ... Domestic cowhide carefully coated with Wax. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the leatheriness and aging. At the beginning of use, it looks whitish due to the influence of wax, but the more you use it, the more glossy and deeper it becomes, and the more you think, "Is it really the same leather?" You will be amazed at the change. Wax blue → blue like the deep sea Wax green → Noble dark green Wax ash → For an elegant taupe Wax black → For luxurious black * The number is limited ■■ Ideal for gifts ■■ Anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, etc ... We also accept name entry and gift wrapping. Put your thoughts into your loved ones. ■■ Because it is a small quantity production ... ■■ Since it is manufactured by two people, production may not catch up and it may be out of stock. For gifts, we recommend that you order as soon as possible. If it is out of stock, please contact us and we will let you know the delivery date. Large orders may take some time. Please feel free to contact us first. ■■ How to care ■■ For everyday cleaning, just wipe with a dry cloth. If you feel it's dry and dry Apply a commercially available leather care agent. If it gets wet, dry it in the shade and then Apply a leather care agent. Leather is a natural product. There are rare blood lines, insect bites, etc. Please enjoy it as a taste of natural products. If you have any questions or concerns about leather products Please feel free to contact us anytime. capacity Cards: Approximately 8-10 size Length: 6 cm Width: 10.5 cm Thickness: 1 cm


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A card case made by a couple of craftsmen in Okinawa that is active in the card era.


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