[New color] real leather key case (leaf green)

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[New color] real leather key case (leaf green)


Durable natural cattle Nume leather Feel friendly European It is a key case wrapped in horse leather. Open and center, on the left side Pockets for inserting cards and coins are provided, Slim and easy to use We achieved both good and bad. Key metal fittings are easy to remove We have adopted 4 series of stuff. All colors are 7 colors [Iceland Blue] [lapis lazuli] [Shell Pink] [wine] [caramel] [light brown] [Reef Green] There is. (Please see the details of each page.) ※ Chocolate sold out. <Your name is free of charge> If you would like a name stamp Please be informed when ordering. Normally, I will open it and put it in the lower left side. The typeface is the alphabet Mincho type Upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers are available. (The size of one letter is about 5 mm) About only uppercase letters, about 6 letters About 13 letters can be stamped with lowercase letters only. Because there are some differences in width depending on letters Please feel free to contact us. Material: outer leather European horse leather Inner leather cattle leather Nume Hardware Color: Silver Size (when closed): Vertical about 11 cm Very thin 6 cm Thickness about 3 cm (It is possible to store up to about 1 cm in thickness) <About handling of leather products> We are handling in our workshop Products we use natural leather. Wetting in water etc. causes "water stains" Please be careful as it may be. (Before using the leather protective spray etc. It is effective for antifouling and waterproofing when you use it. ) By long-term use If you feel like a little oil has escaped Put a small amount of cream etc. for leather on a soft cloth The coloring will be revived if you get lightly familiar with the whole. <About leather expression> "Leather up" leather No surface treatment with pigments It is characterized by a very natural texture. The original surface state is painted Because it is not cheated, on its surface Living scratches, wrinkles, vascular traces, shades of colors, brands (burned) The appearance of that animal, such as, Various features that you can know, "Living proof" is represented. We are not as perfect plain as human skin There is not the same one as the other. for that reason Please purchase leather goods Customers are asked, These features are classified into individual-specific As "charming point" I wish you a warm understanding and acknowledgment Thank you.


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