Kikubun Kimono Card Case

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I make it in a kimono place selected from among thousands of pieces. We will deliver "One only Japanese beauty to the world" where you feel energy every time you get it. It combines the traditional patterned kimono with pop colors to highlight th



1~3 日
1~3 日
Kikubun Kimono Card Case


<The only beauty in the world that carries happiness to you> The material of this work is a kimono place with a unique pattern, selected from among the thousands of sheets that sleep in a rose. While carefully sewing the wish for the happiness of the person who holds hands, it is finished with careful handwork one by one. <Japanese gift> A good-looking card case. A well-stitched business card holder. There are two pockets, it is a highly functional product that can hold more than 50 business cards. It becomes easy to expand by the number of cards, but it is easy to take out the card. <Other than business card holder> In addition to business cards, it can also be used for the increasing number of medical examination tickets, member's cards, and point cards. It is the best for gifts for important people, including job celebrations. [Size] height 8 cm x width 11 cm <Seal of happiness 祥 様 >> It is an auspicious pattern that is often used as a sign of happiness, and to know the meaning of Japanese patterns also leads to touching the depths of Japanese culture that has been passed down from ancient times. <Kikubumi> "Longevity longevity" "Rejuvenation prayer" "Health prayer" The chrysanthemum was believed to have anti-old power and was used for medicinal purposes. It is regarded as the king of Hyakukusa and the flower of the longevity. <Notes on purchase> ※ Because we produce everything by hand, please understand it as a one-point thing with slightly different sizes, shapes and patterns for each work. ※ We will produce multiple works from the same kimono only if you get a kimono that is in very good condition. Please note that depending on the cutting position of the fabric, the appearance of the pattern may deliver a slightly different work from the photo. ※ Please note that colors and textures may look different for pictures and real objects on the screen. If you are concerned, please contact us or refrain from trading. ※ Please note that the material used can not be identified in many cases, as there are many used items in the kimono material. In addition, we remake after we inspect enough and give processing such as washing. Depending on the fabric, if it gets wet, it may lose color and shrink, etc. Please handle with care. ※ Since we also sell at other sites, please forgive when sold out.


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