Original Turquoise and Pink Sapphire Flower Branch Pierced Earrings September Dec Birthstone

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Original flower branch series It is a turquoise & pink sapphire flower branch earrings. It is a gorgeous and eye-catching beautiful earrings. As it is an article produced over time, please keep using it forever



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Original Turquoise and Pink Sapphire Flower Branch Pierced Earrings September Dec Birthstone


Wrapping is possible for ~ ~ ~ + 250 yen ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Also works and videos are also UP Changeable to 4 types of earrings, please specify from the option column ・ Material -All 14 KGF -(Onion Briolet cut) Turquoise: about 7 to 8 mm (with coloring process) (Please note that colors, patterns, and cuts may differ one by one.) -Pink Sapphire: about 2.5 mm (jewel quality, transparency, beautiful cut) ・ Size -Total length: about 3.5 to 3.7 cm ※ We try to shoot in colors close to the actual thing as much as possible, but the impression changes depending on the condition of the light is a feature of natural stone. *************** ○ Turquoise Stone of courage to dispel negative energy December birthstone Turquoise has very bright energy, dissipates negative energy, and helps us overcome difficulties and achieve our aspirations. It brings courage and action, and gives us a positive attitude, so if you are timid about new things, you will be able to take an important step. Also, like breathing deep into the sky, it is said that the power to relieve accumulated stress calms up raging emotions. If you are troubled by work or relationships, you may want to wear this stone as an accessory. The stone is also believed to protect the owner from danger and evil energy, and since ancient times, it is a stone that has many mysterious traditions such as discoloration or missing if the owner is in danger. In order to protect themselves from danger, some tribes are said to have entered the battle by putting this stone in a shield. It is a good idea to wear it as an accessory on trips where you want to avoid troubles and disasters. It is also recommended to wear it as a protective stone for traveling as well as a protective stone for life. Turquoise is also said to be a power stone that, through wearing, holds an unwavering conviction and achieves dreams and goals. Furthermore, this stone is a stone of friendship. It is said to be a stone that further deepens and strengthens the bonds that connect the mind and heart by giving to people and being done. It is a recommended stone, even as a present for loved ones. *************** ○ Pink sapphire Stones to help you achieve your goals Sapphire is a very useful stone to firmly establish the foundation of people's intentions, organizations and the foundation of management. It is related to the fact that this stone belongs to the hardest mineral except ruby and corundum diamonds. Sapphire is a stone that has the intention to go through the goal, and strongly supports you to be yourself that is not drained by inertia. By enhancing your concentration and intuition, it also helps you to grasp the opportunities you need at that time. Charisma, luck, luck, etc. to enhance the stone, also effective for having a positive attitude towards work. Sapphire also has the ability to protect its owner from disasters when it comes to doing business, so if you are in a situation where both team play and your own effort are essential, such as those doing business or sports players. Particularly recommended stone. *************** ralulu.shu ralulushu natural stone power stone gold K14GF 14 kgf 14 KGF gold filled accessories jewelry jewelry quality stone handmade handmade gift gift new arrival new color handmade 2019


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