Friday Beauty

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A historical romance that makes a mind to the legendary princess


Friday Beauty


Of the legendary four beautiful women / China's four greatest beauties who have been handed down in the history of China, it is a brooch that imaged "kids of falling girls", kids of kingside (oshoshoukun). Wang Shao is a tragedy woman who has been married from the Han's back home to a foreign friend (Kyoto). When I was in the shrine of the Han, I was buried in the aftermath and I was never looked upon by the emperor at all. And when choosing a woman to be given as a lord to the King of the Ladsman, she was decided to be painted ugly because he did not give a bribe to a painter who draws portraits for screening and he was sent to the bastard. The audience before the journey, the emperor who saw King Wang for the first time was surprised by her beauty. . . Or so. In the middle of the journey, the sound of the biwa that she strummed thought of his hometown was so sad that the wild goose clouds crossed the sky toward Han. . . The parable is the origin of "fallen go". It is hard to imagine having suffered from large and small various struggles for a lifetime by having passed over to a country that was regarded as a barbarian in a country different in culture customs at all but also in the Han dynasty of the time afterwards. Since it is a woman of tragedy, the color of the whole is restraining glamor with silver color. We lowered the metal parts of the feathers of birds from falling goose. The coloring was based on blue, which represented the blueness of the sky of the trip, sadness, and the cleanliness of the person who did not work injustice such as giving off bribes. The flower pattern on the feather motifs pretty beads are Chinese-like Cloisonne beads. Swarovski crystals of neat shapes treated lapis lazuli color pearls and light turquoise color crystals in the center of the flower. Colors and shapes Various Czech beads also have clear transparent capri blue, soft opaque blue, cobalt blue in the form of flattened tear drops down to the motif of a fan. . . And I scattered variously. Please enjoy blue co-star with glass material with individuality ♪ I will put a silicone brooch stopper so that you can use it with confidence. The paper under the bottom of the fifth photo is the size of the postcard. Please also look at other designs of the Chinese Hanko brooch series. Serene Beauty: Closing moon beautiful person: Hika Hina: Mr. Takafumi: Kaigo: ◇ ◇ ◇ Due to the structure, the part of the falling decoration may get tangled. Please tongue loose gently if you tangle. In this product, the shower table (the mesh-like base fastening the parts) is dare to leave as part of the design. Parts are attached to the foundation with tegus. Although it may be felt that it will move slightly, I keep it so that it will not come off. Since all metal parts are plating, please be careful not to strongly polish with a cloth containing abrasive when cleaning. If you do not use it, put it in a plastic bag with zipper, you can enjoy the condition at the time of purchase for a long time. If exposed to the air, discoloration may occur in the metal part. Cloisonne beads have different glaze conditions, color taste, and pattern appearance, one by one. There are also cases where you can see a bare metal. Please note. Czech beads may have small depressions on the surface, scratches, small bubbles inside. In addition, the shape and color of one grain may differ slightly. Please understand as a characteristic of Czech beads. Material: glass, metal, nylon Size: Vertical about 7.5 cm × side 3.5 cm


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