MOP pattern earrings

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Enjoy the unique iridescent light of shellfish and traditional Japanese patterns that appear at angles. Chic earrings for adult women.


artworks Pez

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MOP pattern earrings


Silver post earrings in a series of patterns in which Japanese traditional patterns are engraved in the polished Mother of Pearl Shell. A pattern appears by the angle, and the light of MOP emits a rainbow light unique to MOP. It is a simple chic piercing that expresses the attractiveness of shellfish that changes by absorbing and reflecting light. Pez cuts and polishes raw shellfish purchased from Amami Oshima one by one. It is an image actual item to send. * Black butterfly type is SOLD OUT. We also accept order production. Description of the pattern ・ It was attached because it resembles a fish cocoon of "鱗 -uroko" fish. It is associated with snakes and butterflies, and it is a form of amulet that means apocalypse removal and regeneration that represents molt. Shell color / Black (Black MOP) or Gold (White MOP) Size / diameter 15mm Material: Silver 950 / Black-lip Pearl shell (Black-lip Pearl shell) / White-shell shell (Gold-lip Pearl shell) [With a black butterfly shellfish] Mother shellfish which brings up a black pearl. We use shellfish purchased from Amami Oshima. It has a deep black color and emits iridescent light depending on the angle. It is a shellfish that is very chic and compatible with silver. [With a white butterfly shellfish] Mother shellfish to raise the South Sea bead. It is the origin of the name of the butterfly shellfish that the shape that the butterfly spreads its wings is reminiscent of. We use shellfish purchased from Amami Oshima. The nacreous layer is gold yellow, and the color and pattern feel is an attractive shellfish reminiscent of space. [How to care for shellfish products] Shellfish, like pearls, are weak in acidity. It is recommended that it be removed in that case, as it may lose its luster in response to acid detergents, foaming bath agents, vinegars, eliminators, cosmetics and hair sprays. After use, wipe off the sebum and sweat with a soft cloth, and keep in mind the wound and keep it. An easy care method is to wipe it off with a clean silver polish cloth (do not soak shellfish in liquid cleaners). * Since the patterns are engraved in the depth of the order that appears at an angle, depending on the frequency of use and the environment, the patterns may gradually become thinner. I hope you enjoy these changes as aging. * The color of the actual product may differ depending on the environment of your computer. * We do not accept resale or purchase for imitation.


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