Tie-dyed · silk chiffon · festival musicians _ 1 · stole

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I dyed a soft silk / chiffon with "acid dye" which is difficult to discolor. It is a color with a sense of tra



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Tie-dyed · silk chiffon · festival musicians _ 1 · stole


This silk 100% stole was dyed with "acidic dye" instead of plant dyeing. It is characterized by less discoloration. It is a nostalgic color tone that seems to hear the sound of festival music. It is a silk chiffon with a sense of transparency. I dyed it in a gentle atmosphere that is perfect for a soft texture. Water splashed with goldfish scoop, watery crepe belt that came softly to the yukata, colors of cotton candy and water balloons, and the wind that gently shakes the hair ...... In the heart of everyone, I imagined a "festival" that seems to be treasured carefully, and chose a color. Everything changes and passes by, but I want to dye a memorable stall. Since color fading is hardly felt, it is comfortable to clean, but please silently gently wash by hand. Since silk is an animal fiber, when washing it many times with a washing machine, the fabric may be damaged, so lightly push wash is recommended. The width is about 45 cm. The length is about 160 cm. All circumference, tri-fold, sewing machine. It is 19 g. In atk, although it is few to exhibit "stoles other than plant dyeing", this year it is very hot, so I thought that I would like to prepare a little stall that will not fade and I tried to dye it. By all means at this opportunity please try! ◇ Atk is usually packaged and delivered even in the case of shipping. ◇ Ideal for gifts! Gift wrapping is available free of charge. ※ We also sell it in other places. In the unlikely event that your purchase overlaps, we will deliver the one with the earlier purchase time in priority. Please acknowledge it. ____________________ Width: 45 cm Length: 160 cm Material: silk Dye: Acid dye ____________________ Production area / production method Japan / hand made ◎ We recommend hand-washing lightly at home. Mix well with "neutral detergent" (← Akron · Emal, etc, a stylish wearing detergent), in water or lukewarm water (0 to 30 degrees), for 10 seconds to 20 seconds, lightly shake or push wash I will do. Rinse twice, gently take water with a towel, please shade in the shade. ◎ Please avoid washing machine, dryer, bleach. ◎ Silk has high temperature and weakness to friction. Please iron it at medium temperature, please cloth it. ◎ When long-term preservation of "wool" · "silk product", it is safe to store it together with "desiccant" or non-fragrance "insecticide". (Points to note when purchasing) ※ One by one, "hand dyeing" later. Therefore, unlike industrial products with dyed colors, the color tone is not uniform. ※ We have made everything by hand. Please understand as a single point slightly different color and shape for each work. * Please confirm the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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