Cat Face ◇ Aomori Hiba ◇ Wooden Titanium Post Stud Earring / Earring

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Cat Face ◇ Aomori Hiba ◇ Wooden Titanium Post Stud Earring / Earring


“Cat Face” titanium post stud earrings made of high-quality wood called “Aomori Hiba”. The cat's face is cut out from the board with a thread saw and carefully finished with a file. The paint is not used. You can enjoy the fragrance that is healed by the elegantness of Aomori Hiba, which is superior to Hinoki. Despite its unique design, it is surprisingly easy to get used to attire ... Titanium post catch is used for those who are allergic to metals. (Please avoid those who are allergic to titanium) You can feel the warmth of the gentle bark. size: 1.1 × 1.3 × 0.4cm Material: Aomori Hiba, Titanium * Because it is handmade one by one, the expression, including the grain, is slightly different. ☆ We accept changes to earrings. However, it will be gold or silver plated earrings instead of titanium. Please let us know when you place an order for either gold or silver plating. ☆ If you wish to gift wrap, Letter Pack Plus, Yamato Takkyubin, Yu Pack Please choose one (to limit the thickness of the box) ☆ ** Aomori Hiba ** Aomori Hiba is a high-grade wood with a very high antibacterial, antiseptic, fungicidal and antibacterial effect. It was also used to replace the bridge at Ise Jingu's thirteenth ceremony. Since white ants do not come close and mold does not grow, it has long been an important building material such as shrines and temples. It has been used. Called “mosquito killing tree” in Aomori, the house built in Aomori Hiba has a mosquito for 3 years It is said not to come. Aomori Hiba with beautiful white skin. You can feel elegant and gentle beauty. Aomori Hiba contains an essential oil called "hinokitiol". As a natural antibiotic (and resistant bacteria cannot be produced), it is an excellent ingredient that has been beaten as “penicillin” or “hinokitiol” in the Nobel Prize 70 years ago. Just by smelling it, there is also a relaxation effect as if you were in the forest. If you put Aomori Hiba wood chips in the net and take a bath, it will also be a bathing agent. It seems that mold can be controlled by spraying essential oil. Copy right 2011- Sae + Sumi Koru all right reserved.


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