[Stock] Bread knife 21cm

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[Stock] Bread knife 21cm


Cutlery craftsmen of Matsusaka in Mie Prefecture, who produced the red Hata Daedeok-san, is a short bread cleaver kitchen knife. Unlike the knife of mass-produced products, in the so-called blacksmith work, it beats the one point one point steel, is cutlery beat molding.

Including farm tools, long history there is a strike cutlery armor, such as Japanese swords have been made. When the thing familiar, kitchen knife, especially used in Japanese knives of Japanese cuisine. Therefore, the so-called culture kitchen knife (Santoku kitchen knife) the beginning, such as Nakiribocho and knife are relatively well made.

This knife is very rare in Manufacturing of these out cutlery, bread cleaver.

The unusual reason, the edge of a bread knife jagged. After finishing the blade, there is a process of making the jagged with a file, this is the creation of a so-called cutlery different kind. Therefore, do not attempt to create pan cleaver but with out cutlery kitchen knife make, it is mostly craftsmen that.

On the other hand, commercially available bread knife, is referred to as a punching blade, it will be mass production type of cutlery to produce a blade and die-cut steel in the machine. At the time of the knife, a thing of the different types. Since it is a machine production, Bread knives might also easy to produce in the flow.

Blacktip grouper who has produced this bread knife, have been a variety of production related to the iron as well as cutlery, kitchen knife handle also made on your own. Breadth of the processing technology of these blacktip grouper's unique is, gave birth to a bread knife out cutlery.

Iron and steel was forge welding, one by one out tempered-made knife. Sharpness, of course, and the feel of the time taken in hand, the texture is to increase to one to use, is the charm of the hit cutlery unique that has been built into the carefully.

Bread knife is often mass-produced goods, but, use every day. Since also object to cut bread, less damage to the blade, you can use a long long time. Us with even more fun and the dining table with a daily bread.

▼ size
Size There are two types of work on this page are a big size. Bread cleaver of typical length, you can use the all-round. Including bread, such as thick baguette, you can use a variety of bread.
Since moderately there is a weight and thickness, not only the sharpness of the blade, is how to enter the stable cut-friendliness and the blade is pleasant. Also, be finely adjusted, it is one of the friendliness of the reason subtly use even blades are attached at an angle.
(Small size small bread cleaver 12Cm https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/1001168 )

Blade: iron, steel (double-edged)
Handle: Walnut (wood), brass

Overall length: 34.8cm Hawatari: 22.7cm (blade length: 21cm)

It is a dedicated boxed.

After use, after washing the knife, please wipe off the moisture firm, including the handle.
- Dishwasher and dryer, etc. Please do not use.
• If the long-term is not in use, paint thinner and care after the camellia oil, making it easier to prevent rusting and keep wrapped in oiled paper brown.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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