Bread basket (linen canvas bread bag)

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Bread basket (linen canvas bread bag)


[It's home is in shortage. Next arrival is scheduled for mid-February. So we accept your order to the first-come, first-served basis, your hope is thank you for your order .. procedure from here. ]

Linen 100% of the thick fabric, such as canvas.
Originally, and let me purchase a fabric woven for business for the phrase food, there is also a special cloth.

Use this fabric, but had produced a bag, etc., organized on the theme of living with bread, I was born a new work.

A thick cloth, simple to have tailored to the bag-shaped gusset.
The name "bread basket"

In the table, as shown in the above photo, the basket of bread wrapped round and round.
Crunch put guests a baguette or rolls as shown in the photograph.
Size, if not round and round wound, is the size just loaf of bread enters.
Freshly baked and, although bread or warmed will stand the steam to faint, because the linen fabric escape firmly the steam and heat, delicious.

Not only the house, you can use it outside.
Outing will be placed in as it is to buy bread, or folded over fabric portion of the above, or wrapped in string, you can also use as a simple bag-purse if you can stop in the clip.
It is also good for a picnic.
If you fit the size, it is useful even if I have put something with your lunch box together.
Of course, even if you use it as a sack of mere linen.

The extra edition, kitchen and dining, in the living room, as well as a case to put a little thing. This is quite luxurious how to use it, so simple unbleached linen fabrics, blends nicely in the wood of the table and interior.

Because you are using an expensive fabrics rare, the price will be in its own way, but also combines robustness fabric.
Long, in various situations, it is a simple tool that can be used every day.

Material linen 100%

[Size] width 35cm × height 22cm × gusset width 13cm loop length 6cm


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