JAPAN leather card 12 long wallet series-envelope orange brown

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Made of the finest JAPAN leather and made a long wallet in the shape of an envelope. It can be stored without breaking the bill, and large enough to hold a passbook. Folding gusset type that opens greatly. The zipper is also gusseted so that coins can be e


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JAPAN leather card 12 long wallet series-envelope orange brown


[It is a long wallet made using Japan's proud leather brand "Tochigi Leather." ] We decided to use the most suitable material in consideration of using it for a long time. I like the shape of the envelope. Rhythm of rectangular and diagonal lines, sealing at the center. Based on the shape of the envelope, I made a long wallet that can be used in a lot. * Materials: Tanned tanned adult beef leather (highest quality JAPAN leather "Tochigi leather") * Size: T110 × W200 × D35mm (Please allow some errors) * Leather quality: firm thickness, firm leather, dye-transparent leather. * Color: orange brown (changes to a deep color due to aging, sunburn, friction, etc.) [Simple, large capacity long wallet] Folding gusset type that opens greatly. The zipper also has a gusset on one side and opens widely to make it easy to remove coins. The card slot is 12 cards in horizontal orientation. Recommended for those who want to have a lot of cards. There are many parts, and the front part has an inner lid. In addition, there is a partition on the back, so you can use it even if you put a passbook. [The original leather texture is attractive] We chose genuine leather from Japan's proud leather brand "Tochigi Leather". The tannin-tanned leather's distinctive tight texture and beautiful light brown surface are attractive. The more you use it, the more the luster and color will increase, and it will age with a candy color. [The more you use, the more beautiful] A wallet made with a focus on materials, designed to be used for a long time. [Fasteners use Japan's proud YKK high-end fasteners. ] Slippery and trouble-free quality is unique to Japan. The pull is arranged with twisted leather. [What you need to know about Nume leather] * Nume leather: Leather tanned with vegetable tannins (in short, "tan"). Although it is not a stable material, the attractiveness of vegetable tanned leather, which can be changed, is attracting attention. It's not a perfect material when you pick it up, but it's also a material that will increase your attachment over time. Made from ancient times, the material is skin and plant astringency. I do not rely on scientific things. It is especially recommended for those who are particular about natural materials. [Production commitment] By hand as much as possible. There are various ways to make handmade leather products. When cutting leather, there are many places where mass production is performed using presses and punches. Cutting with a punching die saves the labor of the work and the shape is accurate. However, KALEIDOSCOPE's works, from pattern paper production to leather cutting, are particular about "making as much as possible by hand cutting with a sharpened leather knife." KALEIDOSCOPE's works often have curved designs, but to cut them out properly requires some skill. We hope that you can actually see and see what people have cut out. [The bracket uses solid brass as much as possible] Like leather, the more you use it, the more it tastes. At the beginning of use, the leather has tension, so the metal fittings may be hard to close, but it will become familiar as you use it. Since the spring hook also wears out, if you make it easy to close from the beginning, the hook may loosen in a short period of time, so we have made this adjustment. Origin / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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