Wipe everyday use lacquer bowl (Minna tools vol.0) wipe lacquer brown

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Wipe everyday use lacquer bowl (Minna tools vol.0) wipe lacquer brown


PInt! Not only, in Mr. been smelling of interior shop and co, and consumer of everyone, were created in conjunction with the craftsman, is the first of product in the form of a new Manufacturing. ● The concept is, "every day use wipe lacquer of the vessel." And say lacquerware, might be many people you have an image, such as Halle of daily, ornaments. But, as is referred to as a China porcelain, lacquerware is also referred to as Japan, the Japanese have been handed down the lacquer of the technology, but once there was a luxury goods, was more familiar the material. Which was very good, it supposed to more active in the only match to the now of life style. In order to realize it, actually communicated to the consumer of everyone, while learning, we were together the product planning. So, I wonder what is the vessel that can be used every day? Even Serve dishes, vessels can also be used as a take dish. Choosing a table and number of people, so as a vessel want to use any table of any scene. Of course, for use in conjunction with other tableware, so as not to float is lacquerware, shape, color is also required consideration. While thinking such a thing, it was the product planning at all. Thus resulting point is here. • As Serve dish, to everyone, such as easy to peck chopsticks height. Suffer from trouble to 5.5cm. -Up dish, when used as a serving plate, As you can also soup, edge was slightly outside warp. Soup is also delicious. · Edge that was outside warp, even merit as Serve dish. By facing outward also visually, it becomes open form, making it easier to take. - Wipe rather than a lacquer of vermilion and black, by overlaying the vermilion and black, tableware, the color to match the tableware. As can be fit to the dining table, not the-seat table, I lost the vessel of the hill (the portion of the legs of the bowl). · Hill instead there is not, so that also easy to take to the finger, I put a dent in the smooth curve on the back. When you pick up from the proposal that came out as what you want to Ready-To-Eat, Such as "stew", "Meat", "ingredients with plenty of miso soup with pork and vegetables," "take dish of pan", "in the summer somen," "Green Tea over Rice," "color certain raw vegetables, such as salad," "boiled", "miso soup", "cooked rice". Really you could use every day. Well, for everyday use, and use a lot, but it means that the vessel of the performance is good, there are more fun things than that. Lacquerware, while the use, come sheer lacquer of color, the color will become bright. Good compatibility with both oil of the hand of man, lacquer ware, and the last it also said that consumer is finished. So, lacquerware of much trouble, using a lot every day, we wanted to to those brought up Yukeru. Because it is lacquered, such as the strong moisture, you can use without hesitation every day. Strong friction and, if you can wash even avoided soaking, delicate handling is required. And the consumer, the creator (wooden base nurses and Nurishi), Mr. been furniture Pint !, joint planning, was born in the cooperation of many people product. Good things unique consumer eyes was finished. [Material] zelkova (domestic material) [Size] diameter 14 × height 5.5cm [Finish] wiping lacquer [Handling Precautions] soaking washing, dishwasher, please refrain.


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