14kgf-simple curve asymmetry ribbon pierced earrings (convertible earlobe)

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14kgf-simple curve asymmetry ribbon pierced earrings (convertible earlobe) Please let us know !!



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14kgf-simple curve asymmetry ribbon pierced earrings (convertible earlobe)


這 是 耳 的 商品. Hopeful earwax type us possible exchange!麻 !! ***********pierced earrings Ear rings (picture No, 1, 2, 3)********** Ear ring people ↓ If you have a thick earlobe, please fill in the remarks column. 耳 點, 時 時 時 如. please let me know if your earlobe is thick. ************************************************** *********** ***********clip-on earwax formula (picture No, 4 No, 5)********** Please let me know change to clip-on !! Please read ↓ 夾 式 夾 看 一樣 的 樣子, 可是 是 long hair 一一 點點 problem. In the case of unreasonable swing ear long hair-like ribbons arrive ribbon-like lower part long parts. Up style or short hair like talking problem! Somebody good talk about change OK! If you understand what you're doing, please contact me! 果 有點, 麻 !! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/39/b3/e3/39b3e30045dde01e5e3d568b2050ed1a.jpg ! ! ribbon clip-on wearing point! ! I'm thinking about it! 1, subsidized side (the side of the ear), 就 上 夾! 2 years old slide slide earlobe. Slide-like time available weather easy slide, forehead, 是 s slide 垂 的 時 固定 固定 fixed! ※ 拉 不 掉 理想 理想 理想 ideal. ************************************************** *********** It is a ribbon earring like as if it was tied loosely in the ear that was not likely. A flowing ribbon and asymmetric ribbon are simple and elegant. Like a hook type, don't shake and decorate your ear with a ribbon. It is a type that you put in the piercing hole from the one with a long ribbon foot and use it! Casual, elegant style is easy to match, so light is also good to wear! We will put a resin catch, but it is easy to be stable because the part passing through the piercing hole is bent at a right angle, so I think it is hard to fall off even if there is no catch. Some errors and left / right do not have perfect symmetry for size because of asymmetry design, so please enjoy ribbon like natural tied. Please enjoy the beautiful gold in the gold-filled hard to discolor it from now on when sweating. It is also recommended for gifts and gift gifts! ※ We deliver nano jewelry coating to delay discoloration and darkening and keep beautiful gold for a long time. ※ Please note that there may be some scratches as we use tools. <Size> W: about 2.5 cm H: about 3.5 to 4 cm <Material used> all 14k gold filled <Use parts> all 14k gold filled -About shipping- We ship from Vietnam by airmail. We ship every package with register airmail from Vietnam Japan12-14days, Taiwan / Hong Kong 10-14days, Macau 12-15days, China 14-20days, Singapore 10-14days, Australia 20-25days, America 20-25days Please read before purchasing ・ AN (Japanese) handcrafts one by one. ・ 14kgf is mainly used for piercing hooks and chains and other metals We deliver nano jewelry coating to delay the color change. -For handmade products, please understand that there are some differences between the photograph and the real thing. ・ The processing is not applied to the photos at all, but some colors are used depending on the terminal you are viewing It may look different. ・ Inclusion and cracks may be seen in natural stone, Except for obvious defects, please understand as the uniqueness and attractiveness of natural stone. <How to care> After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth that does not have an abrasive. After that, it is recommended to store it in a bag with a zip. <Gift box> All products will be delivered in a gift box. Production area / production method Produced by Japanese / Made in Vietnam


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