Love's guardian stone Green amethyst and pink shell necklace can be changed to large pierced earrings

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It is a necklace of green amethyst and pink mother of pearl. As the image, with a gentle green color with a sense of transparency Very beautiful large grain green amethyst used Just watching is healed



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Love's guardian stone Green amethyst and pink shell necklace can be changed to large pierced earrings


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 250 yen can be wrapped ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Movies Uploading videos etc. Fixed ears, selection under reparation selection · Material - All K14 Gold Filled - Green Amethyst: Approximately 12 mm - Pink mother of pearl: about 6 mm (Because of the use of natural products, patterns, colors etc are different one by one, please understand.) · Size - Total length: about 40 cm (Please specify size, change material from the option column) Long change, material change claim selection proceeding designation * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ It is said to heal fatigue of the mind and body, purify the space, turn around all the luck. You will be able to expect a gentle green healing effect. You can expect the effect as a talisman that increases your sixth sense and protects you from evil things, It is also done to deepen the bond of the heart with an important person as "a guardian stone of love" and to strengthen the strength to protect true love. When wearing amethyst as a wish to encounter a heterosexuality, it is said that you call on your faithful relationship with your opponent. It is said to protect yourself from drunkenness in love, removing unnecessary emotions in your heart, eye-catching eyes and correct decision will be given. It is a power stone recommended for people who are not easily encountered and those who tend to fail because they are deceived by their appearance. Amethyst is said to have the power to change minus energy to plus. When you are in negative thinking or when you are suffering from problems with human relations, you will strongly support the owner. It is said that it brings a great power to the body and mind, so you should wear it as an amulet. Moreover, it will be able to give the power of healing to those with anxiety, and the power of peacefulness to the injured person. Since purple of amethyst is mixed with passion red and calm blue, it is said to be able to control emotions with a strong mind, to bring intuitive power and calm judgment. ************ Natural Stone Power Stone Gold K14GF 14kgf 14KGF Gold Filled Accessory Jewelry Jewelry Amethyst Stone Necklace Handmade Present Gift New 2018 Preradio Green Green Crystal Green Flower Shell Shell Cool Transparent Transparency


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