14kgf-sleeping beauty turquoise hoop pierced earrings

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This earrings is only pierced earrings



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14kgf-sleeping beauty turquoise hoop pierced earrings


only pierced ears, can not change to clip-on pierced earrings size diameter about 4 cm material: Arizona beauty turquoise AAA parts: 14k gold filled ※ Picture No.3 turquoise chip 是 是 是 邊 點 樣 一 您, 您 一下 下. Beautiful Sleeping Beauty Turquoise like Clear Sky Blue No extra decoration, no extra color, Only natural beauty turquoise It is a pierced earring that I put in plenty of hoops. There are many types of turquoise color such as green and blue, Here is a bright blue light color. ※ Photograph 3rd sheet reference: Right side and left side depending on stocking time of materials The shape of the same chip is slightly different, please acknowledge that it will be delivered either. There is no difference in quality and color. ※ Because we adhere the part close to the post. There is no worry about falling out. It is an item with a sense of volume using high quality natural turquoise that can feel summer clearly. The clothes are very orange or red it matchs! ! Even cool white clothes are fine! Coordination of hair accessories and accessories It is a piercing that makes it fun to match. It is also recommended for gifts and gifts at 14kgf all! ~ Model sense of use ~ Color is also beautiful Arizona beauty turquoise You can enjoy the turquoise in full. There is no other decoration, so the color of other accessories etc Even a simple dress that can be combined The earrings stand out and the coordination is decided. <Size> Approximately 4 cm in diameter <Material used> Arizona Beauty Turquoise AAA ※ I colored the how light, it resembled turquoise It is not magnesite turquoise. It becomes natural turquoise. <Use parts> 14k gold filled ※ We deliver nano jewelry coating so that long-term better condition can be maintained. ※ There may be a small scratch because you are using a tool. Please acknowledge. -About shipping- Because I live in Vietnam, I will ship from Vietnam by international airmail. (2 weeks from date of shipment) Please read before purchasing ・ AN (Japanese) handcrafts one by one. -Please acknowledge that there are some differences between the photo and the real item for handmade products. ・ Color may look slightly different depending on the terminal you are viewing. ・ Because it is delicate, please be careful about handling. ・ Natural stone may show tints of color, inclusions and cracks, but please understand it as the personality of natural stone and its attraction except for obvious defects. <How to care> After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth that does not have an abrasive. After that, it is recommended to store it in a bag with a zip. Produced by Japanese / Made in vietnam


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