Surprising comfort Skinny straight stretch shorts Black gray gradation

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Stretch pants with stylish gradation dyeing. These are very special stretch pants that are hand dyed one by one.



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1~3 日
Surprising comfort Skinny straight stretch shorts Black gray gradation


Stretch pants with stylish gradation dyeing. These are very special stretch pants that are hand dyed one by one. Blue Waters stretch shorts that you can wear fashionably from town youth to relaxing time! The ultimate stress-free comfort as if you are not wearing it. These pants are perfect for work, holidays and travel. This stretch skinny pants that repeats It is a long-selling model that is especially popular among the pants of Blue Waters! This comfort is only known to the person who wears it! There is no doubt that you will be a repeater! 【size】 Waist: about 60 cm to 80 cm Rise: Approximately 24 cm Inseam: about 53 cm Hem width: about 16 cm Material: 90% rayon 10% polyurethane ● V shape that can be worn loosely The waist is V-shaped and it is very comfortable to wear! It is very easy because it is not tightened. You can enjoy the best fit with the super stretch material, and it is comfortable to wear even if you wear it all day long. ● The hem has a narrow style for a refreshing foot! !! Blue Waters' skinny pants were produced with a focus on wearing them in town use, and have undergone many improvements to produce the finest pants. These stress-free pants are very fashionable. Pants that you'll want to wear every day for work, play, and relaxation. ● You can wear it for a long time with a solid fabric full of luxury! !! Blue Waters stretch pants are made from high quality fabrics that are solid and thick. Of course, you can wear it for a long time with peace of mind, and it is finished in high-quality pants. We only deliver items that have passed rigorous inspections. ● Reputation that the style looks good! !! Blue Waters stretch pants, which are reputed to look good in style, have undergone many improvements and were designed to fit the Japanese body and to be the easiest to wear and have a beautiful silhouette. Therefore, when you wear it, you can wear it with a very beautiful silhouette, so it is popular for its style to look good. [About size] As it is a stretch fabric with extremely high elasticity, it is suitable for a wide range of sizes in one size. <No. 9 to 13 in Japanese size> Please note that due to the nature of the fabric, the size shown may have an error of 1-2 cm. [About our hand-dyed print products] Each item is hand dyed, so there may be some bleeding, uneven dyeing, and bleeding. Also, the colors may be slightly different, but since each one is dyed by hand, we hope you understand this as a handmade taste. Also, please note that the pattern may differ from the image depending on the cutting method. Please understand the following points before purchasing. [About polyurethane] The stretch polyurethane material stretches surprisingly when it gets wet. Just rest assured that it will return to its original shape when it dries. Many customers are surprised by how much they grow when washed, but this is a characteristic of polyurethane material, so there is no problem with the product. [Cleaning method] There is a possibility of discoloration, so please wash your hands with water as much as possible for the first washing. You can also wash in the washing machine if the color does not fade. It has the property of returning to its original shape if it is shaped and dried flat. Please refrain from using iron as it may cause shrinkage of the fabric. Easy to clean ♪ You can use it for a long time. [About color] This site is made on Windows. Although we try to make the color as close as possible in the image, the color of the product photo may vary slightly depending on the monitor you have. In addition, the nature of the fabric and how the light hits it will differ slightly. Please understand some differences. We are always open to questions, so please feel free to contact us ♪ [Notes on wearing] Stretch material products are weak in water and are not suitable for sports that involve a lot of sweat such as hot yoga. Please do not wear it in a wet or damp condition.


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