Paulownia foil stamped sake mushroom

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“Foil masumasu” is a paulownia sake lees with a stamped pattern. Besides being used as a regular sake lees, it can also be used as a food container, small stationery, accessory case, display, or rice bowl.



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Paulownia foil stamped sake mushroom


"Foil masumasu" with a stamped pattern in a paulownia sake cup Besides being used as a regular sake lees, it can also be used as a food container, small stationery, accessory case, display, or rice bowl. Since it is waterproof, you can care for it almost the same as tableware. It has a rounded side so it is cute and easy to pick up. A cute pattern of mushrooms and squirrels is the motif. Glittering gold foil pulls out the cuteness of mushrooms and squirrels. The squirrels, acorns, and leaves are hidden so you will want to turn them around. A gold leaf is stamped on Fukuoka-born sake lees, and gold shines on the gentle wood of paulownia. Sparkling and gorgeous impressions are popular as gifts. ● Material: Made of paulownia [Finished GFC] ● Size: w80mm x d80mm x h5.5mm ● Pattern: Mushroom ● Care ・ Because it is waterproof, it is hard to stain even if you put some watery things, but if you leave strong things such as soy sauce or watery things, you may get stains The ・ If the dishwasher or hard scourer is used, the box may be damaged or waterproofed. We recommend cleaning with a soft part of the sponge using a neutral detergent. What is GCF processing? While maintaining the characteristics of wood with “GFC processing”, it is a product that is easy to use even for those who are not familiar with everyday use and liquor by using a waterproof process that does not contain harmful chemical substances. With the new printing technique “Tsunagi Printing” at Masuda Tonkotsu, we realized a beautiful pattern with patterns on the inside of the bag. ● Characteristics of paulownia Paulownia is the lightest wood in Japan. The membrane wall of the cell is thin and the air layer inside is large, so it is softer and more resilient than other wood. Wood itself has some resilience, but paulownia has a high ability. Has the power to restore even a few scratches and dents. It is made of porous, bubble-like independent structures that are not affected by outside air, and has excellent heat insulation and heat insulation properties. Since paulownia has a very small shrinkage rate, it is a timber that can be refined with little deviation or cracking in the design and has little dimensional change. Because there is little madness in the design, you can make a box without any gaps. In hot and humid Japan, paulownia has long been used as a chest for putting on kimono and gift boxes. It is one of the attractions that you can enjoy the secular change just like leather products, with beautiful grain and careful use. ● What is kirihaco? Masuda Tung Hakoten has been manufacturing paulownia boxes for 90 years in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture. We are researching every day so that you can select the type of paulownia and how to assemble it according to the purpose of the box. We have developed and proposed original processing methods to make beautiful boxes and attractive boxes. As part of the manufacturing process, the concept of “Kiri Box for Living” was developed and the product development was carried out with the owner of the Fukuoka lifestyle tool store as the [kirihaco project].


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