Organic Hojicha Powder ( 30 Packets )

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Organic Hojicha Powder ( 30 Packets )

商品介绍 Nodoka provides high quality organic Japanese green tea directly from Japan's premier organic farms. Nodoka means calm and peaceful in Japanese. The traditional Japanese tea culture is a symbol of peace, harmony and happiness. Nodoka brings the traditional Japanese green tea into a modern perspective and the contemporary wellness spotlight. We help to connect traditional tea farmers with the rest of the world—taking them into the new, connected economy, while helping to preserve their craft. *OUR FOUNDER* NODOKA FOUNDER SUIL HONG IS ON A MISSION TO BRING FINE PRODUCTS TO THE WORLD. Suil Hong was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. He worked to promote Japanese cultural products to an international audience and manage Japanese culture events in New York. It was on a trip home, traveling through his country’s beautiful rural landscapes, where he met traditional Japanese tea makers and a new passion was born. He was aware of the challenges—both natural and economic—facing Japanese organic tea farmers. Back in America, Suil started a new company, Nodoka, with the mission to connect traditional tea farmers with the rest of the world—taking them into the new, connected economy, while helping to preserve their craft. There is so much more in these pages that I hope you’ll discover about our mission, our impact, and our tea. But for now, let me say— I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for joining us on this journey. THE TEA FARM The representation of Japanese tea culture - one of care, dedication, and respect for the land. We currently operate a certified organic tea farm and factory in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. Shizuoka prefecture produced and processed 40 percent of Japan’s raw tea leaves. Shizuoka, meaning quiet hill in Japanese, has an ideal climate for growing green tea plants and the fresh melted water from Mount Fuji helps to grow great tasting tea leaves. Our organic tea powder, grown on tea field in 1970 ft elevations with cooler temperatures, which naturally curtail bugs and pests. The sharp difference in the day and night temperatures on this high elevation produces tea with a bright green color and rich with a full body taste. The mist protects the tea leaves from direct exposure to the sun, helping the tea leaves to retain as much of their amino acids, the main elements contributing to the natural sweetness of the tea leaves. Now the entire tea farm and tea manufacturing facility have received JAS and USDA organic certification, which is so rare that only 3% of tea grown in Japan is certified as organic. Spring Leaves First Harvest Only Green tea is commonly harvested three times throughout the year in Japan. We only use leaves picked at the first harvest, usually happening at the beginning of May. We selected the youngest, most tender leaves. The first flush teas are known for its color, taste, fragrance and nutritional elements, especially when making pure tea with just water, you can really tell the difference. *Why NODOKA?* *OUR MISSION* I founded Nodoka with a simple mission: to bring you the fine products to the rest of the world. Nodoka is all about real human connection. We aim to be more than just a tea company. We bring you a tea that is not only good for you, even better for the producers in Japan. The traditional Japanese tea trade is at a critical juncture 95% of tea grown in Japan stays in Japan, with only 5% being sold in other countries. The population of tea producers was dropping rapidly. The average farmer is over 60, they can not speak English, and many farmers don’t have access to the internet. They’re not even aware that green tea is well received overseas. Despite the great effort put into their products, many farmers in Japan don’t know how to sell them. These facts aren't just hard on the foreign green tea lovers are missing out on the bulk of the country’s amazing leaves. Japanese tea farms are now fading away, partly because they cannot sell their products abroad. It is important to us that the farmers are being paid fairly. Plastic Bottled green tea has become increasingly popular for the ease and convenience of drinking it. However with huge purchasing power and a focus on profits, every year farmers are forced to reduce their tea prices. The downtrend can be associated with the shift in focus to quantity over quality. We can create change with every cup. We believe in quality over quantity. We believe in the power of consumers to make big shifts. When you choose Nodoka, you're supporting. In our increasingly busy lives it's easy to forget about the producers who spend their lives perfecting traditional crafts and techniques. We believe it is very important that we appreciate the story behind the things we use, who made it, and how it was made. We're empowering conscious consumers to make the world a better place with every cup. *OUR APPROACH* Our approach is to bring the traditional Japanese green tea into a modern perspective and the contemporary wellness spotlight. Green tea is one of nature’s most powerful sources of vitality and wellness. Tea was originally a food and medicine long before it became a steeped beverage. However about 70% of the nutrition is lost when you make tea from leaves. By drinking green tea as a powder, you can receive 100% of the benefits of the whole tea leaf, enjoying its antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. *OUR ENVIRONMENT* Nodoka’s commitment to sustainability is a core part of our philosophy that stems from the organic tea farm where our teas are harvested. We don't over-package, and it will be delivered in a cardboard box. We’ve also committed to make all its packaging reusable or recyclable. Instead of polyester-based tape, we’ve switched to paper packing tape. Our billing is done electronically with no paper waste.


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Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) has minimal caffeine and an earthy and sweet taste that’s perfect for any time of day. While most Hojicha is made from bancha harvested in autumn, our Houjicha powder is made of Sencha from the first harvested in May. 30 Packets Ingredients Organic Japanese Green Tea. All nature. Nothing added.


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