Shika Beauty

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A historical romance that makes a mind to the legendary princess


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Shika Beauty


The legendary four beautiful women who have been handed down in the history of China · Of the four beautiful women in China, "Sho Hana Beauty" is a brooch that imagined Yasuki's hairpin. Yang Qin-young was the princess of Tang's Genji sect. In addition to beautiful appearance, he has an excellent talent for music and dance, and it is said that he received his empress' love affair unchanged from the many shrines in the shrine. When she walked in the gardens of the shrine, the flowers were breathlessly breathed by her beautiful appearance. . . The parable is the origin of "Shika". Even her family was extremely prosperous, but eventually the cousin Yadokado (Yoko Kuuchu) and Ankuyama (Anku-kan) came to fierce confrontation. And in the Middle of Ankuyama 's Ran (Astan' s Ran) Yang Qin girl will be killed in the form of being held responsible as a Yang family. Suitable for the beautiful woman among the beautiful women counted among the three biggest beauties in the world, with red and gold as the center, finished in a color with silver and pink gold added as an accent. Also, I chose a variety of flower motifs from this time as a shooting flower. A large and small metal flower that placed Swarovski pearl in the center on an eye-catching red rose, a central Kyoto opal like a bud of peppery with a gloss like wet, in the center of a watermark flower like cherry It was. I also incorporate motifs that appear in poetry "Honkaku Song" written by Yakushi and Shakuen who wrote Emperor Xuanjong. The words when Emperor Xuan and Yang Qiao swore love "If there is in heaven, I hopefully a part that looks like a feather of a bird from a winged bird and making it (Tangyu Negakeaki Hiyaku no Tatsuro)" I added. Birds of a special wing are legendary birds with one eye and one wing for both sexes, and it is said that two birds will fly together all the time. However. . . The parts you chose this time are twisted as much as you can see, and it shows the love of Yang Qin and the emperor who flew away frantically without being able to keep dancing high in heaven. Also, the number of red drop beads "5" lowered to this part is a figure that associates "no" in China (because of pronunciation is close). In the parts of this feather, I lowered the parts like petals shaking from "Rika Ichigaru rainbow trout" representing Yaengchi's tears floating. Depending on the circumstances of the material, the amount of this product differs only in the series. Please note. I will put a silicone brooch stopper so that you can use it with confidence. The paper under the bottom of the fifth photo is the size of the postcard. Please also look at other designs of the Chinese Hanko brooch series. Serene Beauty: Fat Goa beautiful: Closing moon beautiful person: Mr. Takafumi: Kaigo: ◇ ◇ ◇ Due to the structure, the part of the falling decoration may get tangled. Please tongue loose gently if you tangle. There may be a small crack at the edge of a resin rose petal. In this product, the shower table (the mesh-like base fastening the parts) is dare to leave as part of the design. Please note. Parts are attached to the foundation with tegus. Although it may be felt that it will move slightly, please use it with confidence because it keeps it so that it will not come off. Since all metal parts are plated, please be careful not to strongly polish with a polishing agent containing cloth. If you store it in a plastic bag with zipper, you can enjoy the condition for the long time you purchased. If exposed to the air, discoloration may occur in the metal part. Kyoto opal has a slightly different appearance of the color of one grain. Please understand as the taste of natural materials equivalent. Slightly different from the natural opal is seen in the direction of play. Material: resin, glass, artificial opal, metal, nylon Size: Vertical about 7 cm × side approximately 5 cm


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