JAPAN Leather Bamboo Handle Handbag Turquoise

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[Combination of Japanese Nume leather and bamboo handle. It is a handbag with a classical atmosphere] ※ Shoulder belt is optional. If you need it, please select the specifications with a shoulder belt.


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JAPAN Leather Bamboo Handle Handbag Turquoise


Image the retro bag of the 60s and 70s. It is a genuine leather handbag with a strong presence. Size that can be stored such as 500 ml plastic bottle, long wallet, smartphone. Since there is a wide gusset width of 12 cm, there is storage capacity while small. It is also recommended that it is hard to get dirt on the bottom when putting it, because it is with a bottom cover. [Specification added, change accepted] ◇ No marking 鋲 There is no bottom ◇ inner pocket added ◇ Change the handle to leather Such as change orders are also available. (Please contact us by message) [The leather used in this work is a self-made product created by the technical cooperation of Japanese and Italian tanners. ] The surface has been lightly rubbed, called “吟”, and the synergistic effect of the matte texture and the antique texture of the oil wax exudes a sense of vintage. Because of the luxury use of plant tannins at the time of forgiveness, the fibers are dense and there is a unique stiffness and stiffness of Nume leather. Furthermore, oil wax is thoroughly impregnated and carefully finished, so it has hardness initially, but it is a material that will gradually adapt. The oil wax effect that was dyed at the time of forging is a material that allows you to enjoy unique aging such as gloss and burnt. We hope you will enjoy rubbing and aging as you use it while aging. □ Material: Plant tannin tanned adult cow nume leather (highest grade JAPAN leather) □ Size: H200 × W 250 × D 120 mm (Please allow some errors) □ Leather: Nume leather is unique, there is Kosi. □ Color: Front leather / Turquoise lining / Khaki (The color of lining can be changed. You can choose from 10 sheets of image) □ Weight: about 600g body [What you want to know about the material Nume leather] Genuine leather is roughly divided into two, "chrome leather" and "tannin leather". Currently, most of the market is chrome leather. Chrome tanned leather is processed using chemicals. It has the advantages that it can be tanned in a short time, inexpensive, soft and uniformly finished and heat resistant. It is a leather that has many advantages, but one of the pleasures of using leather, "Aging" is hard to come out, as texture, there is a pain and deterioration due to using, aging like Nume leather is a difficult material to see. . On the other hand, leather finished with vegetable tannin tanning is also called "Nume leather", and it is a minority in the market but has a strong popularity. It is an ancient method of preparation, and it takes time to use the astringency of the plant for a thorough tanning. It is expensive because it is not suitable for mass production, and it is easy to get natural unevenness on the surface, and instead of not being a stable material, it is a material that can enjoy the taste of leather that is "aging with age." I think it can be said that the material is not perfect when you get it, but it takes a long time to increase attachment. "Because I have a leather product, I want you to choose a leather that can taste the change" From that idea, KALEIDOSCOPE chose Nume leather.


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