Plant dyeing organic linen handkerchief green (Ai + pomegranate) Brown edge


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  • It has undergone a plant dyeing in organic linen handkerchief.

    Without compromising the goodness of organic at all, it was dyed in beautiful color.

    You might be surprised to think, but the color of dark green, in a typical plant dyeing is a color that does not come out as a single color.
    This time, the yellow was out in the pomegranate (pomegranate), by overlaying the blue with indigo (Ai), it has achieved a dark green.
    Although usually dyed superimposed such twice is not carried out in cost, in collaboration with the plant dyeing craftsman, is a luxury a rare one that was realized in the sample dyed will be the first attempt.

    This product will be sold only a limited number of one point by the sample dyed.

    For product dyed, because it is equipped with a dyeing color to tag, please understand.

    [Size] 45 × 45cm

    Material Organic 100% linen

    [Dyed] plant dyeing; Ai + pomegranate

    [En'ito] tea (lock yarn color)

    [Handling and fall colors]
    So we carried out a mordant step (iron mordant) to fix the color, for the fall colors, great punch line does not have to there.
    The first few times, another wash We, we recommend that you look at the state of the fall colors.
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Plant dyeing organic linen handkerchief green (Ai + pomegranate) Brown edge

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