Stand collar tuck shirt - burdock -


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    Short of length shirt with a little thicker Ox fabric. It has plenty of put the tack of deepening the neckline of thin stand-up collar, but the skirt has a compact silhouette that does not spread too much because it is narrow. The point at which curved shoulder line are overlapped has riveted small. Dyed in the burdock and log wood is a little bitter color.

    [Product Specifications]
    Material: -100% cotton
    Country of origin: Made in Japan
    Size: F (Free)
    Size Details Length -62cm / bust -128cm / shoulder width -60cm

    I dyed with burdock.
    English name: Arctium lappa L.
    Scientific name: Edible burdock
    Family / genera: Asteraceae burdock genus

    Burdock wild products as medicinal since ancient times in China has been available, but the material is not cultivated as a vegetable, I can say the only of the kind crop of in Japan of foreign production plants.
    When the boil the burdock and konjac together, reacts with alkaline solution anthocyan in the burdock contains a calcium or sodium out of the konjac will exhibit a blue to green.

    Notes at the time of the purchase

    ※ thank you enough so that you please confirm the "size" and "material" in the work before you buy.
    ※ In the real on the screen may look different colors. If you have any questions, please contact us
    The here Botanical die product there is a characteristic.
    Following notes the will to read carefully, thank you for your purchase of in terms of who consented.
    [Botanical die Handling Precautions]
    - Washing using a mild detergent at room temperature, please wash alone.
    - For a lot of iron water causes of discoloration, please selected in the tap water.
    · The use of bleach please avoid.
    - The nature of the dye, there is a possibility that color in response to iron changes, iron please refer to the patch cloth is.
    • When dry cleaning, please specify petroleum-based.
    Color fading to prevent, please shade.
    In addition, please keep in the dark except when worn.
    • Do not expose a long period of time under the direct sunlight or strong fluorescent light
    And natural dyes on the nature, the difference of a little color to each product may occur.
    Origin / production method
    Origin: Japan consignment production
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Stand collar tuck shirt - burdock -

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