Minoh Gothic Ver. (Metal Red)

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I tried to blend sum and gothic.



Minoh Gothic Ver. (Metal Red)


I tried to blend ⭐︎ 和 Gothic Gothic (Gothic) originally appeared in the 12th century northwestern Europe, It is a word indicating the architectural style that lasted until the 15th century, The term also applies to all forms of art, such as paintings and sculptures. In today's popular culture, the word gothic is characterized by anti-chronology, attachment to old-fashioned things and images of death, and inclination to a mental dark space. Gothic in fashion was born in Western Europe in the early 15th century, It was characterized by clear colors, unusual decorations and an exaggerated system. Ambiguous and vague, but darkness, death, ruin, mystical, heresy, decadent, In terms of color, it seems that there are many things that are represented by images such as "black". On this side, the leaves of "Acanthus", a typical motif in Gothic architecture and Greek sculpture, are decorated with relief on the entire surface. It is said that wearing fox face is to give godliness to those who foxes have taken in the old days, and to receive that power. Besides, since foxes often eat rats, it seems that farmers honored foxes to get rid of harmful animals. Also, the god of food is called "Miketsukami", and there is also a theory that this has become a fox faith. Especially for farmers and food related people (business prosperity), it is regarded as a thankful god. Made of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) Use high-grade silk edo strapping on the reverse side Eyebrow face Vertical length about 240mm horizontal 160mm (190mm from the chin to the base of the ear) Size for women. Approximately 230 g in weight (Since it is handmade, there are some individual differences.) A lot of faces of "朧 -OBORO ~" have been purchased by male customers until now, but they are put on the chin and worn, or they are put on the head, and they are diagonally covered or wound around a part of the body And, it has been used in various mounting methods. It seems that some customers are decorated as interiors. Noh mask in Noh is made small. It seems that "the movement from the chin to the neck can be seen conveys the subtle part of the emotion to the viewer". In some cases, can you make a size for men? We will ask you to contact us, but we do not make large ones at present. There is also a case that the smaller size can be used to condense the expression. If it is made in a size that fits the face of a male, it will become a sense of the size of the head when worn. So, the face of "朧-OBORO ~" is only for women. It is a face that is actually covered. Please check the size of your face. Because it is FRP, it is resistant to light impact and is not easily broken. Box is not included. If you need a box, please purchase a box (for min). Production area / production method Origin / Japan handmade


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