Wooden Carrom

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Board game item of adult atmosphere


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Wooden Carrom


【Description of item】 An ancient board game originating in India It is said to be a billiard that flips with your fingers, and you faint in agony with the frustration that you can not play at the angle you want to actually try. There is also a strategy, so I think it's a game for Japanese people. Both the board and the piece are polished, so you can play the game smoothly and comfortably. It is a work that you want to be able to pick up by all means. Karom / Carom rules Please refer to the Wiki Calom for international rules. -Use the finest material African mahogany solid wood! African mahogany used for luxury furniture in Europe It is also famous for being used in Gibson guitar necks. It is a nephew broadleaf tree from Africa, and its heartwood ranges from pale pink to dark reddish brown, often showing beautiful heather eyes. The wood is a little heavy and the heartwood has good durability. It is used for furniture materials, interior materials, door materials, window frames, musical instruments, wood boards, etc. Air dry specific gravity: 0.49 ~ 0.80 -Adopt velor used for billiard stand! The velor used in our design goods is the highest quality velor used for billiard tables. Using the finest materials This is one of LIFE's commitments. ● Uses a curing agent that complies with the Food Sanitation Law It is an expensive hardener used for wooden bowls and dishes, and fills the conduit to suppress the movement of trees. Conforms to the Food Sanitation Law, which is safe to put in your mouth, so it can be used as a wooden product that is gentle on the human body. ● The best touch you want to stroke In order to avoid changes in texture due to painting, our products do not have to be painted, are polished by hand, and have a special commitment to final finishing. Please enjoy the finest texture. -What is natural wood / solid shavings? All of our products are commercialized by scraping wooden boards. We are particular about unpainted natural wood because you can gradually change the color and texture on your skin as you use it. I want everyone to enjoy the pleasure of pure solid products. This is also LIFE's commitment. 【Product Details】 Product Name: Wooden Carom Carrom Material: African mahogany Outside dimensions: Board: 235mm wide x 235mm long x 30mm high Piece: width 20 mm x length 20 mm x thickness 8 mm * Dimension error ± 0.5mm Weight: Panel: around 578g Piece: 2g x 13 ⇒ around 26g Total: around 600g


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