Freezing Night Necklace 14 kgf


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    It is a necklace mainly made of icicle crystal which imagined ice fish pillar and ice
  • It has been getting cold recently
    An image of a cold night cold and freezing, in the night sky the stars look beautiful
    Ice is stretched to the ground
    It is a necklace mainly made of icicle crystal which imagined ice fish pillar and ice
    Ice pillar crystal is gay and gorgeous
    Because it is a wild form it is also mysterious
    Blue sandstone with fine shine is deeply navy blue like a night sky
    It is not monotonous with an unusual shape of pearl and it plays playfulness
    I try to make the fasteners less noticeable
    You can do various ways of attaching

    Metal parts are all 14 kgf
    About 110 cm in length

    Gift wrapping is impossible because I will ship the ice pillar with wrapping material and ship it
    Please note

    It became much cold recently.
    Please see a star as an image and a night sky of a quarter and chilly and frozen cold night beautifully.
    Ice forms on the ground.
    The necklace which did the icicle crystal which imagined ice needles and ice prin.
    That an icicle crystal jingles, showily.
    It's the wild shape, so it's also mysterious.
    A small sparkling blue sandwich stone is like a night sky by deep navy blue.
    It does not become monotonous by Pearl with the different shape, and a youthful spirit is added.
    I make sure that the clasp will not stand out at a day verge.
    Various way to apply will be done.

    All metal part is 14 kgf.
    About 110 centimeters of length

    An icicle part is wound and shipped off by packing material, so a gift wrapping will not be done.
    Please accept it.
    Production area / production method
    Japanese Handmade
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Freezing Night Necklace 14 kgf

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