Outside project "Basic" Wallet Buttero <Beige> × Barolo <Camel>


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    By combining Buttero and Barolo on a beige base this time, the simple atmosphere and the tangled curves of the Basic Wal
  • Most products are adopting carefully selected domestic leather
    It is DajeyLetherProducts,

    In spot planning,
    Based on the standard popular Basic Wallet
    We realized collaboration with famous import leather Planning,
    This is the 2nd bullet.

    "Italian made Buttero leather × domestic barolo leather"

    BUTTERO (BUTTERO) leather is a tannin leather (oiled leather) that is made by a small tanner called Walpie in the Tuscan region of Italy. The part of the leather used is the part of the shoulder (shoulder) of the steer (adult cattle), only a limited area of cow can be taken, it is known to be a high-grade leather with high scarcity.

    Made by tanning tanning technique inherited from ancient times in the Tuscan region, dyed with natural dyes such as flowers and bark,
    Very leathery, let me feel a simple warmth.

    Among them, the biggest attraction of Buttero leather,
    Anyway it is the beauty of "aging".
    Because it is a material whose fibers are tightly clogged,
    By slowly taking time to add vegetable oil, the oil appears slowly on the surface,
    By carefully using it, the one taste and the second taste are different from the other leathers,
    Dynamic and beautiful "deepening of color and gloss" appears.
    This time, we adopt beige which can enjoy the most aged change among several colors.

    Inside, we adopt Barolo (domestically produced tannin leather) which features a slightly gentle but beautiful secular change.

    By this combination,
    A difference in speed appears in the color and the texture of secular change between Buttero and Barolo, a beautiful contrast is born, and in the long favorite process,
    Continues to attract the attractive appearance that there is no gap that "bored" enters.

    By combining Buttero and Barolo on a beige base this time, the simple atmosphere and the tangled curves of the Basic Wallet have warmth, like the sun shining powerfully the beautiful country scenery of each of Japan and Italy I made a wallet.

    Outer leather: Buttero leather (Italy)
    Inner leather: Barolo (Japan)
    Lining: Polyester Shantung
    Thread: Span
    Hardware: fiocchi brass hook
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Outside project "Basic" Wallet Buttero <Beige> × Barolo <Camel>

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