[14kgf] Sizuku Pierce BLUE Shizuku earrings Blue


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  • Is sizuku earrings with 14 karat gold-filled of.

    Elegant and in the motif of Shizuku tone,
    It will be one ear pierced of a strong presence design.

    Casually You can use it in a unique impression.

    For ear piercings, it will be delivered with one point.
    If you use if you are in both ears Please purchase two points

    Because we use a high-quality 14 karat gold-filled of,
    You can use it for many years to come.

    ◇ material
    14kgf (Gold filled)
    Czech beads
    Cotton Pearl
    Resin Pearl

    That individual differences somewhat to finish because each one a hand would come out
    We would like to acknowledge.

    ▽ about 14kgf (gold filled) ▽
    Gold filled (Gold Filled) is,
    1/20 or more of the total weight is the material of gold alloy (such as 14 gold, 12 gold).

    Gold filled is a core metal such as brass,
    Because the gold alloy has been coated with heat and pressure,
    Even if used for a long time as gold-plated,
    Worry that gold surface come bald there is little,
    Order to enjoy the feel a deep shine with a feeling of luxury and elegant fine gold different from the gold-plated,
    Is a material that is popular in Europe and the United States.

    In addition, the familiar skin also well-friendly material for those of metal allergy,
    It is unlikely to cause an allergic material.
    (Of course, because there are individual differences, not necessarily the better of all it does not cause an allergic)

    Size: one ear pierced

    **Notes at the time of the purchase**

    ★ notes when your purchase ★

    ◆ Handling
    Since it has been produced in a delicate material, please be careful when handling
    Is wiping gently with a cloth after wear, please keep as much as possible into the enclosed the bag with a zipper so that it does not touch the air

    ◆ packing
    And wrap it in the air packing, delivered into the height 2 cm of envelope
    Wrapping it becomes simple packaging rather than
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[14kgf] Sizuku Pierce BLUE Shizuku earrings Blue

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