Circle and triangle and a square of coffee cup


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  • Kona引 Please enjoy the soft texture and gentle white and colorful picture with warmth unique is. White I draw a picture subjected to a hand beauty batter Shi white makeup in rough clay.
    (Microwave oven is available but dishwasher, use of the dryer is not allowed)

    Casually drew the eyes, the nose, and the mouth in a cup that is a combination of circle and triangle and square.
    It is such a good size coffee.

    Caliber (wide place in) 8.7cm, height 8.2cm

    Capacity appropriate amount put about 190cc

    Use of starting treatment is available to accept the start without the need. (Already treated with liquid ceramic) but it is still good or should be noted that if it is possible to like cook with some of you because the United States of sharpener juice marked with dirt.
    Origin / production method
    Osaka Japan handmade
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Circle and triangle and a square of coffee cup

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