Ring only for the mouth of the cried cat / silver925

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"Ring only at the mouth of the squeaking cat" Probably born in early spring 2011 Born in Saitama (land where the prototype was born)


Ring only for the mouth of the cried cat / silver925


Muzzle fetish Muzzle is the part that became ω at the mouth. Cats are the best among animal lips! A little analysis A cat always has a serious expression. However, it looks like the mouth corner is rising. "Is that like being smiled by a dandy gentleman and feeling heartbroken ..." There is no clear shape, but point and solid. The mouth, which is small compared to the area of the face, becomes larger when the mustache sensor moves or excites. At the moment of yawning, it will be released, and it will be released. A small chin is also a cute point. If you hear a sweet cry from your mouth, I end up as a gun. What about you? To the future foster parent [About the design of this ring] 〔form〕 Focusing on the cat's mouth, I put only the mouth on the ring. (Expression) ・ It is when the jaw at the moment of the sound opened. ・ Beard creates a cheerful expression by making it three-dimensional. The upper mustache, upper, middle and lower, is facing the sky. Even with this beard movement, the effect of raising the corner of the mouth is produced. 〔Eye〕 I do not dare put my eyes. When you're fine, it looks like you're laughing together, and when you're depressed, the effect of the eyes is turned off so that you feel a bald atmosphere. The mirror-finished finish brings out the attractive shine of silver925 by 120%. "Ibushi," a technique that dared to blacken silver, has a sculpted expression. Because each one is handmade, we will deliver your own cat. ☆ Skilled points Enjoy the front design through the stall, It is also recommended to pass through a tie. When passing through the stall, like the image below (the image of a string wrapped around a finger) With the stall around the neck, bundle the left and right stalls and wind up the string, Please tell me the size of 2-4 under the circumference. In the case of ties, the standard size is 16 for thin fabrics and 18 for standard fabrics. [If a cat can stay with you for a lifetime, leave it to nike-neko! ] About the worries and processing Please feel free to contact us. -------------------------------- Material: silver925 About 0.54cm vertically (from the upper nose to the lower chin) 2.3cm wide (depending on size) 0.35cm max. Weight: about 4.2g Finish: Mirror finish (a glossy antique-like finish is also available.) 2 accessories: 1. Safe even when blackened, polishing cloth with abrasive. 2. Contact shop card for repair. I will send the above two points together with the velor purse. -------------- [Important thing] -------------- The material is silver925 ※ It is not just silver ← It is easy to make mistakes, Even if it is written as silver, it is not the material but the color. The contents are inexpensive and fragile in most cases, and are only silver plated. The materials used in our shop nike-neko are We use valuable silver (also known as real assets). Because sterling silver has softness, to maintain its shape as an accessory, It mixes copper, a 7.5% hard metal. (This is the unique brilliance and charm of 925) It is called 925 because it uses 92.5% pure silver. • Drawstring bag • (Black) with drawstring (If you choose gift wrapping, it will be a jewelry case)


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