K18 karat gold handmade necklace / round for Ladies


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  • Come Recommended necklace for everyday use as a simple design that because Petit jewelry specific accessories.

    18 and the delicate chain of karat gold, delicately crafted pendant will favors casually chest.

    It is wearing without feeling the weight on the neck in a smallish making.

    Easy to match any dress, casual, of course, you can according to the office style and formal style.

    Of course, even alone, because, combined with other pendants are various facial expressions depending on the arrangement enjoyed, definitely be fashionable big success of every day ☆
    2way specification of 40cm and 37cm.

    ● Material
    · K18

    ● Size
    And Pendant: length of about 8.5mm × horizontal 6mm (not including top closure portion)
    Chain: 40cm (adjuster ring minus 3cm position)
    Width: about 0.8mm
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K18 karat gold handmade necklace / round for Ladies

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