Celebration shot glass

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kirikoshinkou~japanese cut glass~
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Celebration shot glass


I started to make a product with an upgraded shot glass. It is a free design that does not create a vertical and horizontal framework. The original plan logically composed the design, but there was a part that I wanted to cut intuitively during the production, and I could not suppress the urge and it was a design that I cut intuitively from the middle. .. It's somewhere between traditional and originality, and somewhere between logical and intuitive design. It's a great type that is pretty well balanced and I personally like it a lot. The intention is to "enjoy the color of the beverage by making the lower part transparent." It's clear and transparent, so it's suitable for whiskey and tequila. ・ Differences in color depending on the material of oak barrels, sherry barrels, etc. ・ Differences in aging period for reposado, anyejo, etc. I think that it is a design with specifications that you can fully enjoy the color of barrel aging. In addition to that intention, the design is to improve the grade by adding a good mouthfeel and a good touch. As a device for the touch, we have made three fairly deep cuts on the side that change the shape of the bottom. By doing this, I think that the edge when holding the glass gives the comfort peculiar to Kiriko. The function to give a touch is the functional beauty that leads to the design. There is also work on the mouth. By sloping the mouth side and rubbing it in a semi-circular shape, the mouthfeel will be very good. This mouthfeel is different from the trendy thin glass. I would like you to drink water when it is first used, but I think that the water tastes very good because of its good taste. I identified and considered the requirements when humans feel comfortable. It is shaped to meet about three of these requirements, and I think it is a work that will surely satisfy you. This also corresponds to the design and functional beauty as a result of pursuing functions. A traditional chrysanthemum connection pattern is cut on the emblem in the center of the glass. Chrysanthemum ties are the most difficult cuts in traditional patterns. Chrysanthemums have auspicious meanings such as longevity, disease-free breathing, and nobility. In addition, there is a part that is finished in a frosted glass shape by erasing after polishing. The part surrounded by the black line. If you add one point of erasing, the goodness of the glass will be enhanced. Finally, to summarize the features of this glass, ・ A design between tradition and original ・ Design between logic and intuition ・ The edge of the deep cut on the side feels good ・ Good taste ・ The difficulty level of the chrysanthemum connection is cut. ・ We have created a work that makes a triangle appear when you look from above. ・ Luxury feeling by erasing ・ The shape of the bottom is interesting and feels good I think it will be a place like that. We would appreciate it if you could consider it for yourself, gifts, celebrations, Instagram, and improving the brand image of the store. The Kiriko of our workshop is polished using the traditional method of Edo Kiriko, "hand polishing", which maintains the strength of the glass and finishes it with high quality.


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The design is based on the image of a cup used for celebrations. I prepared a work that a triangle comes out when I look from above.


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