Hickory and extra thick oil Nume round tote bag [Sax]

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A round tote bag of hickory and extra thick oil.


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Hickory and extra thick oil Nume round tote bag [Sax]


A round tote bag of hickory and extra thick oil. Dot button is attached to opening and can change form and can enjoy ♪ There is a dart in the bottom, and it will be more three-dimensional and rounded when you put in the luggage It will be a cute silhouette with a colon. Hickory on the outer surface is a kind of denim fabric with a white line in a dark area commonly used for work wear, a type of pattern. It is a material that is often used for heavy-duty work clothes and overalls, carpenter pants, etc. because dirt is less noticeable. In CHO-Leather, such a hickory (100% cotton) is glued to the other side of the katsuraghi (100% cotton) to increase its thickness, and the bag strength is further enhanced. The leather is extra thick cowhide shrink oil leather, which is about 3.5 mm. Moreover, it is a multi-fat oil that contains plenty of oil, It is very soft though it is thick, and the taste comes out enough to use it ^ ^ There is one pocket inside. Size: Length about 42 cm × side about 47 cm Handle portion about 50 cm Color: saxophone I hope you can use it in various situations. ※ This product is using natural leather. Because leather is a natural material, there are some scratches, wrinkles, and color unevenness at each product site The color tone and the condition of the wrinkles are slightly different. Also, please be aware of the following points when handling. ・ Please avoid bending or twisting the product excessively. It may cause metal fitting removal or damage. ・ If it gets wet due to rain, sweat, etc., the color may shift to other clothes due to friction. If it gets wet, be sure to lightly dampen with a soft cloth and be sure to shade. ・ Color change due to water wetting or long-term use. Fading. Hardening. ・ When cleaning the skin, please use a leather-specific cleaner. If the metal parts are dirty, wipe them gently with a soft cloth. ・ When storing, please store in a dry and cool place. ※ By change of light at the time of photography, PC screen environment of use, etc. The image and the actual color may be slightly different.


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