(Cupid pink heart) Merino wool and baby alpaca-filled, fluffy ♪ snood

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(Cupid pink heart) Merino wool and baby alpaca-filled, fluffy ♪ snood


And fine merino wool, baby alpaca, using a rare mohair that contains such as Super Kid, without regard to the thickness, has been hand-knitted selected with the materials and colors, a little luxury, the popular "fluffy ♪ snood "series. This time, we are in the center of fine wool 100% wool close to the raw wool. 100% wool mohair, merino wool and baby alpaca is entered was mohair, with nothing present, such as mohair that contains such as Super Kid and Kiddomoheya, is a soft pink gradient. Kyu' Intrepid pink like me bouncing the mind. To perfect a refreshing pink in such a cute name, by the addition of soft lavender. Beige from pink, pale rose, lavender color, gradation, such as off-white. Bouncy such heart, love and crammed the light of hope and future, is a "fluffy ♪ snood" happy color! ※ You a thin haired rare and premium mohair. In black sweaters and coats you may hair fall. Those who are worried, you can choose to either match the pale color of the clothes, you Otose soon as the pay in such portable clothes brush. Wool-mohair is weaker, please see also stall, such as silk. New York birthplace of arm knitting (Udeami) snood is, now, has also attracted very popular in Europe. This work, carefully selected high-quality wool, because it is used without regard to thickness, we are woven devised to the smaller of the stitches do not become entangled. Because the state, such as the long wheel, put the head, only to people winding, fashionable and warm snood! It is a commercially available snood with carefully selected quality materials not seen too much, not only practical use of thermal insulation, good touch, has created with the aim of one feminine. Please enjoy this opportunity by all means! ◇ even if normal shipping in atk, we deliver a brief packaging. ◇ gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please feel free ♪ ◇ question, If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us at any time. _____________________________________________ Material: imported wool 100% made in Japan, 100% Urumoheya (made in Japan), Super Kid mohair 48% acrylic 48% nylon 4%, Super Kid mohair 20%, Kiddomoheya 36% Merino wool 44%, baby alpaca mohair, wool instead of alpaca Pooh Kure only (alpaca and wool 20%, 80% acrylic) Size: width of about 16cm the entire circumference about 160cm Weight: 150g Origin / production method Origin: Japan / handmade ______________________________________________


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