Freshwater Pearl Initial Amour Love Necklace June Birthstone

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Freshwater Pearl Initial Amour Love Necklace June Birthstone


~~~ ❄ +300 yen for wrapping ♪ ~~~ ************ A very beautiful poppy Cleopatra freshwater pearl + initial A motif necklace of "love" that looks like petals. Initial A = French Amour --- "Love" ~ Uses elegant poppy Cleopatra with a neat white color and a strong Silver luster. The size is just right, 11.5 to 13 mm, and it has an appropriate thickness and presence. It features a rounded petal-like shape with a plump texture, and it is elegant and cute ☆ Metal fitting part material: K14 Gold Filled RLL.S Brand Heart Charm Plate: 24K Genuine Gold Plated, CZ Stone: 5A rank Keshi Cleopatra Pearl: Approximately 11.5 to 13mm, high quality 5A rank with a smooth surface and few scratches and stains. Initial A: Approximately 6 (8) x 4 x 1 mm plating The initials that can be selected are as follows (A, C, E, H, K, N, R, S, T) If not specified, A will be used. Overall size: Approximately 40 cm ❄ You can install a 5 cm adjuster for +350 yen, please select from the delivery column. ************ It is the birthstone for June. Stone language is "health, wealth, longevity, chastity" etc. Freshwater pearls that bring happiness Freshwater pearls are said to be a powerful Stone that repels disasters. It is said that it has the effect of preparing the environment so that the person who owns it can spend their days happily. Freshwater pearls are said to extinguish negative energy and make their charm shine, and since various other effects are expected, they are treated as gemstones. Freshwater pearls have the power to exterminate evil and attract the hearts of the opposite sex, so they are known as Gemstone of love and are often used at weddings and the like. It can also be expected to have effects such as eliminating depression and irritation. Since it has the strongest protective power, it also has the power to protect children from accidents and illnesses. ************ * Since the shape and finish of the natural stone are made one by one by the craftsmen, they may differ from the images (other than the ones labeled as one-of-a-kind)! (Nothing is 100% the same) * About inclusions and coloring of natural stones Natural stones have inclusions (liquids and small crystals) peculiar to Stone. There are no scratches or cracks. Inclusions are like fingerprints in humans and come in many types and shapes. Also, you may see subtle color differences compared to the photos. We try to shoot in colors that are as close to the actual product as possible, but it is a characteristic of natural stone that the impression changes depending on the condition of the light. ★ Since natural stones and semi-precious stones are natural minerals, there are individual differences in color, brilliance (terri), patterns, inclusions, etc. Thank you for your understanding in advance as the characteristics of natural stones and semi-precious stone beads. * Inclusions are solid, liquid, and gaseous substances that are different from the main components of natural stones and semi-precious stones, which are also called inclusions and inclusions, which are originally contained inside natural stones and semi-precious stones. Since none of the natural minerals, natural stones and semi-precious stones, have any inclusions, they can be an important checkpoint when distinguishing between natural stones and artificial Stone.


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A very beautiful poppy Cleopatra freshwater pearl + initial A motif necklace of "love" that looks like petals. Initial A = French Amour --- "Love" ~


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