Ring of gold hawk [ROF001RG]

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Ring of gold hawk [ROF001RG]


Hawk is the king of birds, standing on top of the food chain, which is a noble presence. Authorities us from ancient times, have hawk of strength, they are fascinated by the elegance, the history that has been show off its dominance do the falconry. Hawk is a symbol of the "power", "honor", in the form of flying freely high in the sky has also been said to have the power to bring blessings. In addition, since it is said to be breeding pairs of the hawk is going snuggled life, is the friendship and the family love of testimony, is said to have promised peace and eternal love to wear the motif of the hawk. Ring of hawk is going to give you to gently force to cherish the friends and family, will be such a ring. DaDa silver works is create work, one, one 1, koike is design, scraping the silver, and polished. In others, I feel in the hand never put out no taste, just there is no unusual thing happy any more if that can be able to find their own, even for a moment. ◆ Material: K18 Yellow Gold ◆ Dimensions: width: up to approximately 35.0mm minimum of about 8.0mm Thickness: up to approximately 4.0mm minimum of about 1.5mm ◆ Weight: (depending on the size.) About 44.0g ◆ Support size b: No. 25 from No. 15 You can specify a 0.5 No. increments. Above, you wish to size other than the size specified range, please feel free to contact us. ◆ deliver only: will be about three weeks after your payment is confirmed. With regard to the wrapping, I am sorry, please understand that it does not correspond. ※ This item is, and with an emphasis on design, pointed part of the tip, there is a part that is a sharp enough so please be careful. Also, Please note that it may be deformed and will add excessive force. ※ thank you enough so that you please confirm the "size" and "material" in the work before you buy. ※ In the real on the screen may look different colors. If you have any questions, please contact us. [Quality] All of the products of DaDa, we do not put material notation (such as K18). This is because, rather than worth the notation of the material, because we believe that there is a value to the work itself. The quality, and with confidence, we have put a complimentary quality assurance to all products that accustomed to your purchase. Origin / production method Origin: Japan handmade


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