★ Bookmark Indigo Starry Sky Book Cover Paperback Size (You can adjust the size)

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★ Bookmark Indigo Starry Sky Book Cover Paperback Size (You can adjust the size)


★ Indigo Starry Sky Book Cover I put a bookmark on the size of the paperback paperbacks (size can be adjusted).

The fabric is the same as what I had put out last time, but I changed a part of the pattern appearing on the table a little. From the last time, I think that the pattern of kasuri has become visible in the table.

Outside is the color of the starry sky, Shiori is the color of the blue sky.

Yarn dyed using this Indigo and Indian Indigo. The white pattern expressed by the kasuri is woven by imagining the starry sky.
Shiori 's ribbon is a satin ribbon made in France. I had trial and error on what kind of ribbon to put on, but I decided that the color was very beautiful, the touch I felt was perfect without touching it, it was just right width. Hot lock solution is attached to the tip and Hot Closure processing is carried out.

Paperback size.
Since one side can be adjusted, it can be adjusted to the thickness of the book. The picture looks like it was when I put it on a book that was about 400 pages a little thicker.

I tried it with a paperback book at home and it was all okay to put it in. Although it was okay, it is making it relatively simple, so there are things that are hard to enter depending on the size of the paperback book (vertical length). Please check the size.

Approximately 15.4 cm × weft about 33 cm (open)
Material = Table: Cotton hand-woven cloth
Back: Cotton cloth
Bookmark: synthetic fiber

There is almost no cloth of this width left in this pattern, and I think that the book cover with this cloth will probably be the last. I made two bookmarks, one with bookmark & charm, four points without shiori, but the appearance of the pattern is different from each other. Although I think that things in the photograph are a sample, we may also deliver another point, but I would like to acknowledge it.

Also, the same fabric, shiori & those with a charm, those without a bookmark have also sent.

Please also have a look there.


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