Gui only, polka dots

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关于品牌 逛设计品牌

kirikoshinkou~japanese cut glass~
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Gui only, polka dots


I decided to make a polka dot design in order to expand the range of designs by making something different from the products I have made so far. There are 16 polka dots per stage, and there are 4 stages. In addition, clear polka dots and erasable polka dots are arranged alternately. If the polka dot part near the bottom is darkly colored, the colored part will conflict with each other, but the roundness of the polka dot is prioritized and scraped. This is because only Gui tends to look at the design from the inside, so taking that into consideration, the polka dots are cut with priority. In the trial production, the distance between the polka dots was kept so that the colored covers did not conflict with each other. There are 12 polka dots per stage and only up to the third stage. However, I thought that I couldn't feel the polka dot feeling enough with this, so I decided to drop it. Since it is polished one by one by the traditional method of hand polishing, it is possible to incorporate frosted glass-like parts and clear parts into the design. On the other hand, acid polishing immerses the entire glass in a powerful drug such as sulfuric acid, so it is not possible to make frosted glass. I think it's good for presents and gifts. We would appreciate it if you could consider it. The Kiriko of our workshop is polished using the traditional method of Edo Kiriko, "hand polishing", which maintains the strength of the glass and finishes it with high quality. On the other hand, there are some things in the world that polish the glass while immersing it in an acid called "acid polishing" and melting the entire glass into pieces. Acid-polished ones have the disadvantages of being easily scratched and the color may fade, but since the man-hours can be reduced and the price can be sold at a low price, sales will improve, so many workshops and writers perform acid-polishing. We are here. Since the cut surface of our workshop is polished one by one, the original strength of the glass is not lost, and you can wash it with a detergent or scrubbing brush. Please note that boiling water, microwave ovens and dishwashers cannot be used like any other glassware. The handling method is explained in detail on the homepage of the workshop.


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Rather than making everything clear polka dots, polka dots that have been made into frosted glass by erasing are arranged alternately. It is a work that can be done because it is polished one by one by hand polishing of the traditional method, not the method of melting the whole with acid polishing.


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