Gem quality Constitution to call happiness Citrine and amethyst K14GF necklace

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~ A combination of citrine and amethyst ~ The combination is very good combination ~ ~ 運 If your combination is not good, your luck will fall, so please be careful! ◎ I'm sparkling, everyday, for commuting, of course-also suits the party clothes very m



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Gem quality Constitution to call happiness Citrine and amethyst K14GF necklace


Wrapping is possible for ~ ~ ~ + 250 yen ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Also works and videos are also UP *************** [Combination of Amethyst + Citrin] If you have a constitution that calls for happiness, it is something you want to do. Not only Stone alone, but in fact, combinations of stones may have similar characteristics. The combination of citrine, which provides a very bright energy cycle, and amethyst, which provides healing and harmony, is an ideal combination that balances the mental and emotional aspects and makes it easy to grasp good mind flow, making the owner more comfortable Will support you to have a happy everyday. Metal part material: 14 KGF with excellent durability stone: Malon Briolet cut citrine (yellow quartz): Small particles about 8 to 9 mm (pure natural, unstained) Button cut Amethyst: about 3 mm [Whole size]: Approximately 40 cm (Size change and bracket change etc are specified from the option column) ※ We try to shoot in colors close to the actual thing as much as possible, but the impression changes depending on the condition of the light is a feature of natural stone. *************** Bringing Business Prosperity and Rich Wealth "Lucky Stone" Birthstone for November Citrine has been cherished as a 'lucky stone' bringing about 'prosperity in business' and 'wealth' from ancient times. It will improve business luck and fortune, so it will provide support for those who are starting a new business or who wish to expand the company. Even if there are difficulties or walls along the way, they are said to give courage and wisdom to overcome them. In addition, citrin, which has “solar energy,” will develop a vigorous and aggressive energy, and will provide bright energy such as hope and courage. People who are prone to fall into negative emotions and people who are not good at expressing themselves can become bright and support a sun-like character, making communication with other people rich and smooth Will you? By becoming bright and healthy from the heart, you will be able to promote not only your heart but also your physical health and be able to send you a fulfilling daily. Because it is also excellent in healing power, it relieves accumulated stress, stabilizes the balance of mind and body, and gives hope of life. It is recommended that you decorate this citrine at your desk or wear it as an accessory when you are frustrated by work or study or if you are crushed by pressure. It is a stone recommended for people who are influenced by the words "unreasonable" and "can't do it", and people whose conviction is likely to fluctuate. It will encourage and support you so that you can hold on to your own opinions and continue your efforts to advance in order to fulfill your dreams and goals. In addition, it is said that there is a power to keep youth and health from the inside ***************


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