Pure silk camellia hair decoration Mini pink U pin flower with one wheel knob workmate

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The pink accessories are cute and gentle impression.


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Pure silk camellia hair decoration Mini pink U pin flower with one wheel knob workmate


Thank you for seeing ^ _ ^ With the motif of camellia and plum blossoms, I made a classic atmosphere with a jerk and shaking descent. Using silk crepe fabric of fluffy and gentle texture, we made it with round knob technique. When moving it, the bells ringing down will ring, ♬ As fasteners are pachinko pins, it is comfortable when you attach them ☆ Since the root is made of wire, angle adjustment of flowers is possible. Also, your matching flower U pin is set ☆ Attach to the opposite side of big decoration or use according to your favorite place! U pin addition of flowers is also available! (Price of one → Tsubaki ... + 1000 yen, plums ... + 500) When shipping, we will send it in a box of cherry blossoms in the photo ^ _ ^ size Body (Including falling) ... Total length 8 cm Flower diameter ... Camellia 3.3 ume plum 2.5 Pinchin pin ... 5 cm U pin Flower diameter ... 2.5 cm U pin length ... 5.4 cm As an aside, when I got a celebration of Shichigosan, my hair ornament was too happy to run, saying "Princess!", And at the end of the campaign it is said that "do not remove!" And beauty Even though I became pajamas despite hospital rental items I was wearing hair ornaments lol still pajamas x gorgeous shichigosanzan punishment Funny pictures are running down ^ _ ^; Remarks: • Please let us know in gift packing if you would like. • We will accept custom made if you can inform us of color and backing metal fittings. (I want to make a color purple and make a corsage pineyard etc) The price will vary depending on the metal fitting to be changed, but it is available from + 500 yen to 1000 yen point. important point: * If you wish to deliver outside fixed form, we will charge it as the designated fee even if there is a difference in fee due to addition and subtraction of packing etc. * The color may differ slightly from the actual ones depending on the monitor you view. Please note. ※ It is weak in water, and it may be damaged or deformed if a strong pressure is applied. Please be careful when using it on a rainy day or bumpy place. :*: · '゜ ☆' ..:*: · '゜ ☆'.: *: · ☆ Shichigosan Adult ceremony Graduation ceremony entry ceremony Kimono Japanese Style Accessory Wedding wedding party New Year Festival Production area / production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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