Daily wiping Lacquer wiping ware black color

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Concept is "wiping lacquer ware usable every day" Using wood trees, wipe lacquer finish. A vessel that can be used as a dish as well as a dish. It is such a device that you want to use any table in any scene, regardless of table size or number o



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Daily wiping Lacquer wiping ware black color


Not only PInt! But also in collaboration with the interior shop kagura, it is the first product in the form of a new kind of manufacturing that we have made with everyone and craftsmen. ● Concept is "wiping lacquer ware usable every day" As for lacquerware, there may be many people who have images such as Hare's daily use, accessories and so on. However, as we call porcelain China, lacquerware is also called Japan, Japan has been handed down the lacquer technology, which was once more a luxury item, was a more familiar material. It is a very good one, and it should be more active just by adjusting to the current lifestyle. In order to realize that, I actually talked to the users and learned, while product planning was done together. So what is a vessel that can be used everyday? A vessel that can be used as a dish as well as a dish. Instruments that you want to use at any table in any scene, regardless of table size or number of people. Of course, because it is used with other dishes, consideration is necessary for shape and color so that lacquer ware will not float. While thinking about such things, we did product planning by everyone. The point that is completed is here. · As a dish plate, to a height that makes it easy for everyone to push chopsticks. To 5.5 cm suffering from trouble. · When using it as a dish, a dish as a dish, as well as soup stock, the edge slightly warped. You can also taste the soup. · By making the edges warped, merit as a dish dish. It also faces outward visually, it is in an open shape, making it easier to take. · Wipe lacquer and black color to make it easy to match. · I lost the hill of the bowl (the part of the leg of the bowl) so that it fits the dining table instead of the seat table. · Instead of having an elevation, it has a smooth curved indentation on the back so as to be easily hooked on the fingers. If you pick up from the suggestions that you want to serve, "Stew" "Meat dishes" "Concrete pork soup" "Pot dish" "Somen no in summer" "Ochazuke" "Salad and other colored raw vegetables" "Stewed food" "Miso soup" "Cooked rice". It really seems to be used every day. Well, as we can use everyday, if we can use a lot, the performance of the instrument will be good, but there is something more fun than that. As you use the lacquerware, the color of the lacquer comes through and the color becomes brighter. It is also compatible with the oil of people's hands, and the lacquerware is said to be finished by the user at the end. Therefore, I wanted to use lacquerware of every corner every day, to be raised. Since it is lacquered, it is strong against moisture and can be used without any trouble every day. If you avoid strong friction or soaked washing, it is unnecessary to treat delicate. Products born with the cooperation of many people, the user, the creator (wooden master and painter), Pint !, cooperative project Kagawa. A good thing unique to the user 's eyes has been completed. [Material] 欅 [Size] Diameter 14 × height 5.5 cm 【Finishing】 Wipe lacquer black 【Precautions for handling】 Soak wash and dishwasher please refrain.


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