Heart panda embroidery / embroidery

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pangandaran パンガンダラン
1~3 天前
Heart panda embroidery / embroidery


The popular heart panda has become moco-moco. The size of 15 cm x 20 cm is Perfect for putting things around you. The length of the string can be easily adjusted, so you can make it dangle or fit your body perfectly. It can be used according to the situation at that time. This time, please choose from four colors: gray, brown, Khaki, and denim. 4 pieces each are in stock. ◎ Embroidery is stabbed on the surface of the bag. Each one has a different facial expression because it is stabbed by a skilled craftsman Hun with a sideways sewing machine embroidery. ◎ There is a zipper pocket on the back. Stationery, small smartphones, etc. can be put in. ◎ The fabric is made of nylon polyester, which repels water. 100% cotton denim. ◎ The body torso is S size. ■ Size: 15 cm (vertical) x 20 cm (horizontal) ■ Weight: Approximately 54g (varies slightly depending on the fabric) ■ Product number: SACOCHEE5 * As the products are handmade, there are individual differences. In particular, items with darts or gathers may differ by a few centimeters depending on how you measure them. Therefore, please judge the size comprehensively including the photograph. Also, please note that the photo often looks large if the item is located in front of the torso. "Nylon polyester / denim, 4 colors each" type ◎ This product will be shipped from Vietnam by regular mail. Trackable. Made by Japanese living in Vietnam. https://youtu.be/To9853__kGY Disappearing << horizontal sewing machine embroidery >> Most of the embroidery on the Pangandaran bag is stabbed with "horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery". How is "horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery" different from sewing machine embroidery? Is often asked. In ordinary sewing machine embroidery, the machine reads the embroidery picture and the machine automatically stabs it. So all the embroidery is uniform and you can make exactly the same thing. On the other hand, "horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery" is a craftsmanship that embroiders an embroidery picture if the craftsman moves the cloth. Each one has a different facial expression because it is made by humans. There are not two identical embroidery items, and the embroidered embroidery has a texture that makes you feel as if it were a hand embroidery. It's a great craftsmanship just to imagine moving the sketch to a cloth and stabbing it according to the vertical movement of the sewing machine needle while looking at the original picture. Currently, there are about 400 people in Vietnam who can stab a sideways sewing machine. But among them, 50 people can stab as a job. And 30 people passed the 4th level, which is the highest rank of the embroidery test. Only 10 of them can embroider Pangandaran, which is said to be difficult. However, you can't just be good at it. Yes, embroidery requires a sense. A little nuance can make a big difference in your impression. That's why I'm asking Mr. Hun, who has the best skill in Pangandaran. Mr. Hun is currently 46 years old, but he has been stabbing since he was 15 years old, so he is a big veteran of 31 years on this road. Moreover, it has a really good taste. We have full confidence. Due to recent economic development, the workplace of traditional crafts is in a difficult situation in Vietnam without exception. Since 2000, the number of people who can stab a sideways sewing machine has been decreasing rapidly, and it means that no young person can stab it. It is expected that the number of craftsmen will decrease more and more in the future, and Vietnam's sideways sewing machine embroidery is destined to become a light in front of the wind in a dozen years. In the video, Mr. Hun, a valuable skilled craftsman, stabbed "shower embroidery". Please see the beautiful embroidery that is colored with reliable technology.


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Since the length of the string can be adjusted, it is easy to match the situation.


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