Gamaguchi-style shoulder bag / Popular size and soft cowhide / Name accepted / Made in Japan / jb-68-s [Customizable gift] [Christmas gift]

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Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
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真皮 侧背包/斜挎包 橘色 - Gamaguchi-style shoulder bag / Popular size and soft cowhide / Name accepted / Made in Japan / jb-68-s [Customizable gift] [Christmas gift]

商品介绍 **■■■Japlish's specialty, Flame Aperture bag ■■■** Japlish has had a long-selling Gamaguchi bag for women since the brand was founded. This bag, which was born based on that, has become the most popular bag item. **■ Fashionability and hometown tax** It features a design that goes well with any fashion, with a clean impression that refrains from decoration. In 2021, it will be a return item for Fukuoka City's hometown tax payment, and it has been well received. ◆ Storage and opening ◆ After closing the opening with the Gamaguchi method, it can be fixed with the hook button belt attached to the front. In addition to the main gamaguchi storage, there is one pocket on the back side. A convenient pocket for storing pass cases, etc. **■ How to open Gamaguchi** After opening the hook button belt that holds the gamaguchi to some extent, open the front and back by hand. ◆Shoulder strap◆ The shoulder strap is 1.5 cm wide. The length can be adjusted from a minimum of about 83 cm to a maximum of about 116 cm. There are 6 buckle holes at 6.5cm intervals. It is also a nice point that leather shoulder pads are standard equipment. M size is right, left is S size ◆Sister products◆ There is also a medium size "jb-68-m" that is slightly larger. -- Size/Specs/Similar Products-- 【size】 ・Width: 27cm ・Height: 16cm ・Depth: 9cm ・Weight: 450g 【spec】 ・Sewing machine thread color: Thread color that matches the machine ・National flag embroidery: Argentina ・Number of pockets: 1 ・Material: Cowhide ・Metal fittings: Iron ・Thread: Polyester 🔻 Leather color can be selected from 5 colors 🟧 Lightbrown : Leather-like color that changes over time 🟫 Darkbrown : Recommended for those who want a leather-like look while being familiar with it right away. 🟩 Green : Chic green color is unusual 🟥 Red : Especially popular with women for its elegant redness rather than its vivid color 🟫 Black : Classic leather color for men and women of all ages that does not show dirt 🚚 Free Shipping (International Epacket) / ⏱ About 10-16 days delivery 🔻Recommended for those who are looking at this product❗ [Recommended M size gamaguchi bag with increased capacity jb-68-m] [Convenient drawstring bag sb-29 that can be used by hand or on the shoulder] [Cute shoulder bag jb-19 with an envelope motif] **[🔠Paid name tag with string]** A name tag with a string can be added for an additional charge of about 72NTD / 18HKD / 330 yen. If you would like to engrave a name, please select [Paid name engraving tag] as an option. Please enter the spelling of the name in the [message field] that appears when you advance the cart. Example 1: JULLAN Example 2: LIU JETT ⚠️Uppercase letters *Lowercase letters and numbers are not allowed ⚠️No more than 15 characters ⚠️ The color of the nameplate is light brown regardless of the leather color of the main body. **Sewing thread and Embroidery thread can be changed for free. Feel free to enjoy original leather products.** 🔽**The following 11 thread colors can be selected for both sewing thread and embroidery** ⬜**white** 🟥**red** 🟩**green** 🔵**light blue** 🟦**navy** 🟫**kahki** ⬛**black** 🟧**gold** 🟫**brown** 🟨**yellow** 🟪**purple** **■ How to change sewing thread and embroidery** Please fill in the message field that appears when you advance the cart. Example:**"Sewing thread: red, embroidery: green, white, navy from top"** ⭕ Even if you change the thread or embroidery, the delivery date will not change as usual. Please feel free to order leather products with your own specifications! **➕Buy 2 or more and get a discount!** 🔸We offer a discounted price because the shipping fee is only one time. 🔸 Different types of products are eligible for discounts. 🔸The more you buy, the more discount you get. (refer to the following) ◆Buy 2 products → 500JPY / 110NTD / 26HKD discount ◆Buy 3 products → 1000JPY / 220NTD / 52HKD discount ◆Buy 4 products → 1500JPY / 330NTD / 78HKD discount ⚠️The discount amount may vary slightly depending on the currency rate. ⚠️ Up to 4 products are subject. If you order 5 or more products, a discount of 4 products will be applied. 🎁**Free Gift Wrapping Service** 🖋Please proceed to the purchase screen and write "I would like gift wrapping" in the message field. **★Shipping is free to Asian regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan★** 🚚The shipping method is International Epacket. (Only large packages will be shipped by EMS.) ⚠️DHL, FedEX, and other shipping methods cannot be selected. ⚠️Shipping from Japan to SF Express lockers is not possible. Please write your regular address instead of your locker address. **Best Seller of Japlish** **Long wallet・Bi-fold wallet・Another wallet** **Pouch/Glass case/Coin case** **Keycase ・ Variety goods** **Stationery** **Bag/Ruck/Tote** **View all products** **⚓Japlish is an atelier born in Fukuoka, Japan in 2009.** We produce leather products with a three-person system of two male creators and one female photographer. There are three things to keep in mind during production. 🔨**1: Reliable Made in Japan** It is a warm leather product made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. The leather used is Japanese cowhide with a moderate thickness. It is a leather product that is very sturdy and can be used for a long time. 🔨**2: Orders that can be enjoyed without additional charge** We don't keep stock, we make it after receiving an order. Therefore, you can enjoy the original specifications by changing the sewing thread and embroidery for free. 🔨**3: Fast production and delivery system** 🚚 Free shipping / ⏱ About 10-16 days for delivery


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🚚 Free Shipping (International Epacket) / ⏱ About 10-16 days delivery 🌟S size version of the most popular shoulder bag for women The GAMAGUCHI style with its characteristic opening and closing design is popular. 📐【Size】 ・Width: 27cm ・Height: 16cm ・Depth: 9cm


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