Kintaro * Matryoshka * Friends 5 people Shu [3]


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  • Kintaro of Matryoshka ★ - bear, Kintaro, monkey, rat, turtle ... 5 people crowd of - ★

    Bagua good !! remaining !! remaining !!
    Ow ow!
    Kintaro Ganbare !!
    Bear's Ganbare !!

    Kintaro of the gas is gently powerful person !! <yacht !! Japan !!

    This is Tsu reassuring !!!
    In the "gold" of Kintaro be to fortune UP ↑↑!?

    Come! In! Children's Day to Kintaro lovers
    It may also be pleased as a gift to the boy baby gifts ♪

    - 5 piece
    Size: bear (6.8cm) Kintaro (4.8cm) monkey (3.3cm) rat (2.2cm) turtle (1cm)

    • In wood burning draw a line, it is painted with acrylic paint.
    (I wanted to take advantage of the ※ wood, skin of Kintaro, you monkey face, the turtle's body does not have color.)
    - gloss finish with a varnish.

    ☆ also sold in the other.
    By any chance, if sold out will be [orders system work]!
    Those who are worried, uneasy is, ♪ Please feel free to contact us

    ... ‥‥ ...... ‥‥ ...
    [Open only person]
    When open, you have the upper torso and lower body.
    (Hanging out ... fallen so easy as)
    Then, open by pulling the vertical
    Or, to divide in half the sweet potatoes, and open as push down.
    Do not open twist, please do not open by turning.
    (Or worse paint is peeling, will lack the tree.)
    ... ‥‥ ...... ‥‥ ...
    Matryoshka is a natural trees such as linden.
    Shrinks and the air is dry, and expansion and there is humidity.
    Or not opened by the temperature and humidity, but it may or longer from closing
    Since you will be open to dry, it does not attempt to to open.
    ... ‥‥ ...... ‥‥ ...
    [Coercive tube]
    Please do not expose to direct sunlight.
    Or deterioration of color, it may become deformed.
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Kintaro * Matryoshka * Friends 5 people Shu [3]

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