Versailles Marine Bag Green Large size

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Somei et Miai
Somei et Miai
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Versailles Marine Bag Green Large size


We respond to many customer requests and Versailles Marine Bag Green is now available in a large size! Paris is the origin of our creators. "I want to make a product that contains the memories of our Paris" while reading the photographs that capture the various scenery of Paris and the wonderful experiences that we experienced. It is this Versailles marine bag that was created with the feeling of overflowing. With the beautiful brilliance that gives off various colors and lights depending on the angle that is characteristic of this fabric The brilliance we feel in the wonderful city of Paris overlaps I chose this fabric from the image and made it. The Versailles pattern on the fabric represents the gorgeousness of Paris. To make it easier for you to take it with you when you go out We also offer the basic size, which is very popular with our products. The moquette fabric used in this bag shines depending on the angle of the light. The green color goes well with any outfit and you can take it with you when you go out ♪ Including this Versailles marine bag, the marine bag series is manufactured with the image of a size that is easy to use in various situations. It fits well in wallets, mobile phones, accessory cases, handkerchiefs, makeup pouches, etc. Also, by putting in various belongings, the cuteness of the fluffy silhouette of the marine bag will be more accentuated ♪ Birthday gifts for mothers, Mother's Day ... A bag for travel because it can hold a lot of luggage. It is used in many scenes such as commuting. <Size> Height about 27 cm Width bottom about 27 cm (the top is about 52 cm when the string is not tightened, about 22 cm when tightened) Depth about 21 cm Comes with an inner pocket that fits comfortably in your smartphone. <Material> Outer surface of bag body: Moquette fabric Bag inner cloth: cotton (black) Rope: Satin rope (mustard) With inner pocket ~ Request from Somei et Miai ~ We cherish the feelings of our customers' purchases, and we try to make each one carefully by hand and deliver it, but because it is handmade, we try to deliver it. The color and pattern position of the item you received may differ from that of the item listed. We hope that you will understand this as one of the pleasures.


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