tanton-mini - croton tanned leather canvas × bamboo leather tote bag

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Organized. Mini Tote Bag that can sort properly in 8 large pockets



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tanton-mini - croton tanned leather canvas × bamboo leather tote bag


A mini has been created in popular tanton. Making mini and making the number of pockets etc exactly the same, I will get it steadily. A total of eight pockets organizes the small luggage of a woman cleanly. The figure which swells plumped with luggage is not cute in tanton. Attachment comes out in a figure which is slightly attached to the shoulder.
Tannin (astringent) It has a texture with uneven texture of dyeing and a handle of leather making a canvas bag drifting in adult style.

At the TBS series drama "On the day before the wedding ceremony", we wear this series bag in Kaorina Mr. Heroine.

The fabric is dyed using tannin (astringent) extracted from chestnut and mimosa on a canvas carefully woven by Kurashiki with an old-fashioned loom. Owing to the nature of tannins, they oxidize enough to wear out and change color. It is tasty and has become a material that can be enjoyed for a long time.

Chrome will be the color you put out by dyeing by increasing the amount of mordant. Therefore there is a possibility of color transfer. Please be especially careful when using light clothes or rainy days etc.

【Order Production】
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Since it is so, thank you in advance, thank you for your order.
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Vertical 23 cm width (bottom width) 30 cm waiting 9 cm possession 32 cm
There are some errors in size. Please note.

About g

Cotton, cowhide, brass frame

※ color of the fastener from golden bean beauty, leather color attached to the lining changes to dark brown. Please note that it differs from the image.

〇 In order to make full use of the texture of natural materials for both leather and fabric, we do not do extra surface processing. For that reason leather has scratches and color variations.
〇 Your computer environment may cause colors to look different.
◯ Dyed canvas, leather has individual differences such as color concentration depending on climate and time.
◯ Dyed canvas, leather has danger of color shift. Please note the use of pale-colored clothes and rainy days.
○ There is something that has been subjected to rubbing processing. There are individual differences in how wrinkles enter.
〇 Because items sold in online shops are also sold in real shops, there may be no inventory due to timing even after confirming your order. In that case, it is time to take orders to be made.
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade


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