Tea grilled with rattan's string

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Teapot with rattan strings. Even for left-handed people, you can use it in this form. Atmosphere like teapot chooses not



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Tea grilled with rattan's string


Teapot with rattan strings. Even for left-handed people, you can use it in this form. Atmosphere like teapot chooses not only Japanese or Western, it adapts to the daily table. The body of the teapot is made by a manufacturing method that is said to be burned without using a glaze, which is said to be burning. It is not a slick texture with glaze, but it has a hardness like porcelain, while touching fine texture. There is a dignified atmosphere. By using it, the depth of gloss and color will increase. Even if tea a branch is attached, it is a fun place because it is different from a porcelain or a glazed pencil with a paint applied. You can use it as if you grow up. This teapot is Banko Yakin (Yakko Yaki) in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture. Due to the nature of the soil used, it possesses superior heat-resistant features, making teapots and pot-pot making making use of heat resistance flourishing. It is the production by the pottery made by the south scenery, which is good at making teapots. Bunko Yaki is classified as "Soup" (finely caught) when it is classified finely in pottery from its raw materials and manufacturing method, and has properties between pottery and porcelain. Baked at temperatures as high as 1200 to 1300 degrees, it is as hard as porcelain, with no water absorption or porosity. On the other hand, the difference from pottery is that there is no water absorption. Because there is no water absorbency, it is difficult to add the scent of tea leaves, you can use it even if changing tea leaves. It is a pleasing place for everyday use. Also, because the soil with a lot of iron is not covered with glaze, the taste of tea is mellow. As the string accentuates, a long slim shape in the vertical direction. It is a teapot which you want to keep as it is on the table. Material Body: soil String: rattan (rattan) 【size】 Body: diameter 9.5 cm × height 10 cm String: Height 9.5 cm 【capacity】 400 cc Only a large amount of hot water: 3 to 4 cups Small tea ceremony: 5 to 6 cups Exterior Box for cushioning (cardboard material) 【Handling / Maintenance】 · Please do not put on direct flame. · When washing with a dishwasher, there is a possibility of damage depending on the usage situation. We recommend you to wash them by hand individually. · Please sip tea glass slowly with water or hot water, please drain water well. Sometimes it is sanitary if you dry it to sunlight and dry it. · Please be careful not to apply force directly to the thin part hanging string.


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