Rayon linen V neck one piece burdock 8514-04018-35

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Rayon linen V neck one piece burdock 8514-04018-35


[Product Details] Knee length dress using linen mixed rayon material. Because of the supple feel of rayon, there is a feeling of falling, so the best time to see it is quite relaxed, but it is a silhouette that does not spread too much. You can wear it back and forth with the deep V neck behind. Since both sleeves and neckline are spread, so in the autumn and winter, layered with a turtleneck etc., in summer it is an item you can use throughout the season because you can wear a camisole or tank top down and put it together. It is dark blue dyed with burdock + log wood. There is also a shirt one piece type with the same material. . [Product specification] Material: hemp - 55% · rayon - 45% Country of Origin: Made in Japan Size: F (free) Size details Length - 97 cm / Bust - 168 cm / Shoulder width - 49 cm / Hem around - 105 cm I am dyed with burdock. English name: Arctium lappa L. Scientific name: Edible burdock Department / genus: Asteraceae Burdock Burdock has long been used as a medicinal wild product in China, but it is not cultivated as a vegetable, it can be said that it is the only type that crops in Japan with foreign plants. When burdock and konnyaku are simmered together, the anthocyanin in burdock reacts with alkaline solution containing calcium or sodium from konnyaku and appears blue to green. Purchase notes * Please confirm the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us This botanical die product has characteristics. Please be sure to read the following notes, please purchase after you agree. 【Botanical Die Handling Precautions】 · Please wash with mild detergent at room temperature, please wash alone. · Water with high iron content causes discoloration, so please select with tap water. · Avoid using bleach. Due to the nature of the dye, there is a possibility that the color may change in response to iron, please apply the iron cloth. · When dry cleaning, please specify type. · Please shade to prevent fading. Also, please keep in the dark except when wearing. · Do not expose for a long time under direct sunlight or strong fluorescent light - Due to the nature of natural dyes, there may be some color difference for each product. Production area / production method Origin: Contract production in Japan


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