Pocket candle 3 pieces


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  • "Let's enjoy the feel free to candles anytime, anywhere."
    The was produced in concept
    It will be "pocket candle" set of 3 pieces.


    The cute cans of slider type
    No addition of soy wax (soy wax) was spread plenty.
    Soy wax is painful out soot with vegetable
    It is a natural wax that does not even unpleasant smell of oil.


    Scent is three.
    Orange, grapefruit, citron.
    We are subjected to a refreshing citrus aroma of faint.

    Pocket candles
    Core per one we are with two.
    Put in alternately one by one by shifting the lid of the slider
    You put two simultaneous Remove the lid, you can enjoy.
    (Three image eyes please refer)


    Since it is a size that fits easily in a bag or the like pocket
    Trip, business trip destination, desk at the side, etc.
    You can feel free to enjoy the candle.
    After the can is used, Please use also as a washing glove compartment.


    For your home, for gifts
    By all means, please use.

    Pocket candle 3 pieces

    Size / can the size of the (per piece)
    80mm × 50mm × 15mm
    Combustion time /
    In the case of the ignition one by one / about 6 hours
    If two both ignition / about 5 hours
    Material / additive-free soy wax
    Aroma / orange, grapefruit, citron

    Notes at the time of purchase
    And color photos to see ○ on a personal computer
    There is a case where the actual colors may vary slightly.
    Please note.
    ○ one by one we manually be fabricated.
    As there is also a point that does not lead but handmade goods
    Please acknowledge.
    Origin / production method
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Pocket candle 3 pieces

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