【OHANA】 pleated cushion green / red


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    OHANA carpet
    Request size: 160 × 190
    Scheduled delivery date: 8/20 ~ 25

    We will review the number of days of work, and will be this price for free shipping.
    Please acknowledge your procedure, please proceed.
    If you have any questions, please contact us.

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    * This item has two types of red and green. Please choose your favorite color. *

    I got inspiration from an Indian pleated skirt and designed it as a "flower".

    The size is about two stacked round cushions ready made.
    I have plenty of cotton inside (2 nude cushions) so I have very elasticity.
    It is perfect not only for the interior of the room but also for the nap of the nap!

    I pleated the Indian cotton with a good texture, I stitched the sewing machine and stopped sewing.
    It is finished in a cushion that it is not too sweet by leaving the color cloth to leave, or by stitching the sewing machine instead of hand embroidery.

    This item is made by me, rui all the steps by hand, making it one by one carefully.
    From the finished product you will feel the warmth of your hands and warmth.

    Product name: 【OHANA】 pleated cushion
    Size: lengthwise and sideways 37 cm × height 18 cm
    Material: 100% cotton
    Color: Red / Green

    **Purchase notes**

    We are making all processes manually.
    The color and shape may be slightly different for each work. Please understand as one point.

    If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.
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【OHANA】 pleated cushion green / red

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